About statutory land valuations in Queensland

What to do if you disagree with your valuation

If you disagree with the land valuation

If you don’t agree with your land valuation, and can provide information to demonstrate that it is incorrect, you may lodge an objection. An objection must be lodged within 60 days of the date of issue of the valuation notice.

If you disagree with the valuation methodology used

If your land was valued as non-rural land (using site value), but you believe it should have been valued as rural land (using unimproved value), you can make a rural land application to have the land declared rural, providing the land meets the criteria.

If your land has suffered permanent damage

If your land has suffered permanent damage as a result of an adverse natural event, you can lodge an objection or apply for a change in valuation.

In this guide:

  1. What is considered when valuing land?
  2. How rural land is valued: unimproved value
  3. How non-rural land is valued: site value
  4. Understanding your valuation notice
  5. How land valuations are used
  6. Why your neighbour's valuation may be different to yours
  7. What to do if you disagree with your valuation
  8. Impact of floods and adverse events on valuations
  9. Privacy and use of information

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