Rules for learner riders


You must only learn to ride a learner approved motorcycle.

L plates

You must clearly display an L plate at the rear of your motorcycle or you can wear a vest that clearly displays a capital 'L' on the back.

You and your supervisor may both get a fine if you don't correctly display L-plates.


You must be supervised by a person who holds an open licence for the class of motorcycle you are learning to ride. Your supervisor must have held this open licence for at least 1 year.

Supervisors must not be a pillion passenger on your motorcycle. You can only carry a supervisor if they are seated in a sidecar attached to your motorcycle. If your motorcycle does not have a sidecar, the supervisor must supervise you from a safe distance on another motorcycle or in another vehicle.

Riding with a passenger

You can't carry a passenger as a learner rider unless they are your supervisor seated in a sidecar attached to your motorcycle.

Carrying your licence

You must carry your licence with you whenever you ride, and show it to a police officer when asked.

Drugs and alcohol

As a learner rider, you must comply with the no alcohol limit—0.00 BAC. You must not ride under the influence of drugs.

If you are found drink or drug driving, you will be fined and your licence will be cancelled.

Read more about drink and drug driving.

Upgrading from a learner licence

To upgrade to an RE provisional or open licence, you will need to: