Learner approved motorcycles (LAM Scheme)

As an RE licence holder (learner, provisional, and open), you can ride a learner approved motorcycle.

The learner approved motorcycle scheme (LAM Scheme) gives you access to a range of motorcycles and scooters that are appropriate to your level of experience.

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0–250mL category

All models, up to 250mL, including mopeds, are eligible for use on an RE licence and are included in the LAM Scheme. Individual makes and models are not listed.

However, the following 250mL motorcycles are excluded from the LAM Scheme:

  • Suzuki RGV250
  • Kawasaki KR250 (KR-1 and KR1s models)
  • Honda NSR250
  • Yamaha TZR250
  • Aprilia RS250

Conditionally registered motorcycles which have not been approved under Australian Design Rules certification are also excluded.

251mL–660mL category

The models listed in this table are eligible for use on an RE licence and are included in the LAM scheme.

Motorcycles produced before 1960 and do not exceed 660mL will be included within the scheme but do not appear in the following table.

Individually built (custom made) motorcycles will not be considered for inclusion in the LAM Scheme.

As an RE provisional or open licence holder you can learn to ride an R motorcycle if you have held an RE provisional or open licence for at least 2 years. You must ride under the direction of a person who currently holds and has held an R open licence for at least 1 year.

Note: If you got your RE provisional or open licence before 1 October 2016 you can learn to ride an R motorcycle after you have held your RE provisional or open licence for at least 1 year.

AJS Model 18S  
AJS Model 31  
Aprilia Sport City 300  
Aprilia Pegaso 650  
Aprilia RS660 KV  
Aprilia RXV550  
Aprilia SR Max 300  
Aprilia SXV450  
Aprilia SXV550  
ApriliaScarabeo 200 
Aprilia Scarabeo 300  
Aprilia Scarabeo 500  
Aprilia Odes MCF450  
ATK 605 Dual Sports  
ATK 605 Cross Country  
Benelli 502C  
Benelli BN600S Must have AL in engine number
Benelli BN302  
Benelli Leoncino  
Benelli TRK502  
Benelli Velvet 400  
Beta Fupa E5 - X Trainer  
Beta RR300  
Beta RR350  
Beta RR 2T 300  
Beta RR390  
Beta RR400  
Beta RR430  
Beta RR450  
Beta RR480  
Beta RR520  
Beta RR525  
Beta XT300RT  
BMW C400 X  
BMW C400 GT  
BMW C600 Sport  
BMW C650 GT  
BMW F650 Funduro  
BMW F650CS  
BMW F650GD  
BMW F650GS Under 661 mL versions only
BMW G310GS  
BMW G310R  
BMW G450X  
BMW G650GS  
BMW G650GS Serato  
BMW R45  
BMW R50  
BMW R50S  
BMW R60  
BMW R65  
BMW R69  
BMW R69S  
Bolwell (PGO & SYM) GTS250 (Firenze)  
Bolwell (PGO & SYM) Firenze 300  
Bolwell (PGO & SYM) XA20W  
BRAAAP400 Cruiser 
BRAAAPSuper Street Lite 125 
Bridgestone 350GTR  
BRP Industries Can-am Ryker 600  
BSA B50SS Gold Star  
BSA B34 500 Gold Star  
BSA Gold Star  
BSA A10 650 Golden Flash  
BSA A10 Super Rocket  
BSA A50-500 Royal Star  
BSA A65L 650 Lightning  
BSA A65SS 650 Spitfire  
BSA A65T 650 Thunderbolt  
Buell BLAST  
Bultaco250 Alpina 
Bultaco350 SHERPA T  
Cagiva 410TE  
Cagiva 500 Canyon  
Cagiva 600 Canyon  
Cagiva 600 River  
Cagiva TE450  
Cagiva W16 Dual Sport 600  
Cagiva WR360  
CCM GP450  
CF Moto 300NK  
CF Moto 300SR 
CF Moto CF300  
CF Moto 400NK  
CF Moto 650NK  
CF Moto CF650NK To be eligible for LAMs the 10th character of engine number must be either A, B or D
CF Moto CF650TK To be eligible for LAMs the 10th character of engine number must be either A or B
CF Moto 650MT  
CF Moto 650GT  
CF Moto CF300SR  
Christini AWD 450  
Derbi Mulhacen  
Dnepr 650  
Ducati 400SS Junior  
Ducati 450 DESMO  
Ducati Monster 400  
Ducati Monster 659  
Ducati Scrambler Sixty2  
Ducati DM350                 
Ducati DM450  
Ducati DM500  
Ducati 500SL  
Ducati 600SL  
Ducati 600SS  
Ducati 600 Pantah  
Ducati 600M Monster  
Ducati 620 Sport Lite  
Ducati M 620 Lite i.e. (2005 to 2006)  
Elstar Shineray WB400 War Bird  
Elstar Shineray Nemesis  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Bullet Continental GT  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Bullet Deluxe  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Bullet Electra  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Bullet 350  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Bullet 500  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Bullet Classic  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Bullet Trails 500  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Continental 650  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Himalayan  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Interceptor 650  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Lightning 500  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Meteor 350 
Enfield/Royal Enfield Rumbler 350  
Enfield/Royal Enfield Scram 411 
EvokeUrban S 
Fantic Caballero  
Fantic EC30  
Gas Gas 280 ES  
Gas Gas EC300  
Gas Gas EC350F  
Gas Gas FS40A  
Gas Gas FSE400  
Gas Gas FSE450  
Gas Gas FSR450  
Gilera Fuoco 500  
Gilera Nexus 500  
Harley Davidson XG500 Street  
Honda BROS 400  
Honda BROS 650  
Honda CB300FA  
Honda CB350  
Honda CB360  
Honda CB400  
Honda CB400F  
Honda CB400N  
Honda CB400T  
Honda CB450  
Honda CB500  
Honda CB500F  
Honda CB500FA  
Honda CB500X  
Honda CB500XA  
Honda CB550  
Honda CB650  
Honda CB650FA To be eligible for LAMs the 10th character of VIN must be G and engine has 22 e.g. RC74E-2200001
Honda CB650R  
Honda CB77 - Super Hawk  
Honda CBF300NA  
Honda CBR300R  
Honda CBR500R  
Honda CBR500RA  
Honda CBR650FA To be eligible for LAMs the 10th character of VIN must be G and engine has 22 e.g. RC74E-2200001
Honda CBR650R  
Honda CJ360T  
Honda CL350  
Honda CL450  
Honda CMX500A  
Honda CRE500  
Honda CRF300  
Honda CR500R  
Honda CRF450X  
Honda CRF450L  
Honda CX500  
Honda CX500C  
Honda FT500 Ascot  
Honda GB400  
Honda GB500  
Honda GL400  
Honda GL500  
Honda NSS300 FORZA  
Honda NT650v Deauville  
Honda NT650  
Honda NV400  
Honda NX650  
Honda NX650 Dominator  
Honda NTV650 REVERE  
Honda RVF400  
Honda Steed 400  
Honda Steed 600  
Honda VT400  
Honda Silverwing  
Honda SH300i  
Honda SL350  
Honda VF400F  
Honda VT500E  
Honda VT600 Shadow  
Honda XBR500  
Honda XL350  
Honda XL350R  
Honda XL500  
Honda XL600  
Honda XL600 Transalp  
Honda XL600R  
Honda XL650v Transalp  
Honda XR350  
Honda XR350R  
Honda XR400M  
Honda XR400R  
Honda XR500  
Honda XR600  
Honda XR600R  
Honda XR650L  
Honda XR650R  
Hunter Daytona 350  
Hunter Spyder 350  
Hunter Bobber  
Husaberg FE4E8  
Husaberg FE5E8  
Husaberg FE7E8  
Husaberg FE350  
Husaberg FE390  
Husaberg FE400E  
Husaberg FE450  
Husaberg FE450E  
Husaberg FE501  
Husaberg FE501E  
Husaberg FE550  
Husaberg FE570  
Husaberg FE600  
Husaberg FE650  
Husaberg FE600E  
Husaberg FE650E  
Husaberg FS450  
Husaberg FS570  
Husaberg FS650  
Husaberg TE300  
Husqvarna FE350 Enduro  
Husqvarna FE450 Enduro  
Husqvarna FE501 Enduro  
Husqvarna 350TE  
Husqvarna 400TE  
Husqvarna 410TE  
Husqvarna 510TE Models 1983 – 1990 only
Husqvarna 610TE Models 1991 – 1999 only
Husqvarna SM450R 2006 models and later
Husqvarna SMR449  
Husqvarna SM510R 2006 models and later
Husqvarna SMR511  
Husqvarna SM610 2007 models and later
Husqvarna SMS630 VIN prefix must start with ZKHA401AB
Husqvarna TE630 VIN prefix must start with ZKHA401AA
Husqvarna 360WR  
Husqvarna 430WR  
Husqvarna TE300  
Husqvarna TE310  
Husqvarna TE449  
Husqvarna TE450 2006 models and later
Husqvarna TE510 2006 models and later
Husqvarna TE511  
Husqvarna 610SM 1991 – 1999 only
Husqvarna TE610 2007 models and later
Husqvarna TE610 2000 onwards - To be eligible for LAM's, 7th character in VIN must be “2”
Husqvarna TR 650 Strada VIN prefix must start with ZKH0H11F
Husqvarna TR 650 Terra VIN prefix must start with ZKH0H11B or ZK0H11D
Husqvarna SVARTPILEN 401  
Husqvarna VITPILEN 401 (SP401)  
Husqvarna WR300  
Hyosung GV650C (Aquila Classic)  
Hyosung GV650L  
Hyosung GV650-40  
Hyosung GT650L  
Hyosung GT650RL  
Hyosung GT650SL  
Hyosung GT650-40  
Hyosung GT650SL-40  
Hyosung GT650SH-40  
Hyosung GT650R-40  
Hyosung GV650P-40  
JAWA 350 Series  
Kawasaki 450LTD (EN450)  
Kawasaki EN650B Vulcan S To be eligible for LAMs 8th character in VIN must be 2
Kawasaki EN650D Vulcan S To be eligible for LAMs 8th character in VIN must be 2
Kawasaki EN650E Vulcan S Cafe  
Kawasaki ER300B  
Kawasaki ER400D  
Kawasaki ER5  
Kawasaki ER6-NL 2010 models and later
Kawasaki EX650KL To be eligible for LAMs 8th character in VIN must be 2
Kawasaki GPZ500S (EX500) 1989-1992 only
Kawasaki GPZ550 (Z550H)  
Kawasaki GT550  
Kawasaki KH500  
Kawasaki KL600  
Kawasaki KL650  
Kawasaki KL650E  
Kawasaki KLE300C  
Kawasaki KLE500  
Kawasaki KLE650F To be eligible for LAMs 8th character in VIN must be 2
Kawasaki KLR600  
Kawasaki KLR650  
Kawasaki KLX300R  
Kawasaki KLX450  
Kawasaki KLX450R  
Kawasaki KLX650  
Kawasaki KLX650R  
Kawasaki KZ400  
Kawasaki KZ440  
Kawasaki KZ500  
Kawasaki KZ550  
Kawasaki MACH 1 S2  
Kawasaki Ninja 300  
Kawasaki Ninja EX400G  
Kawasaki Ninja 650L  
Kawasaki Ninja 650RL 2010 models and later
Kawasaki Versys 650L Must obtain manufacturers certification letter
Kawasaki W400  
Kawasaki W1 650  
Kawasaki Z400  
Kawasaki Z440A  
Kawasaki Z440H  
Kawasaki Z500  
Kawasaki Z550D (GPZ550)  
Kawasaki Z550 (GT550)  
Kawasaki Z650  
Kawasaki Z650L-ER650H To be eligible for LAMs 8th character in VIN must be 2
Kawasaki Zephyr 550 (ZR550)  
Kawasaki ZR550A  
KTM 390 DUKE  
KTM 400SC  
KTM 620SC  
KTM 625SMC  
KTM 450EXC  
KTM 300EXC  
KTM 300EXC-E  
KTM 300EXC-R  
KTM 350EXC  
KTM 350 EXC-F  
KTM 360EXC  
KTM 380EXC  
KTM 400EXC  
KTM 400EXC-R  
KTM 450EXC-R  
KTM 500EXC  
KTM 450EXC-F  
KTM 500EXC-F  
KTM 520EXC  
KTM 525EXC  
KTM 530EXC-R  
KTM 300GS  
KTM 400GS  
KTM 620GS  
KTM Freeride 350FR  
KTM GS300 E/GS  
KTM GS600  
KTM RC390  
KTM 400 LC4  
KTM 620 LC4  
KTM 625 LC4  
KTM 625SXC  
KTM 390 Adventure  
KTM 640 Adventure 2002 models and earlier
KTM 690 Rally Replica  
KymcoAgility 125 
Kymco AK550  
Kymco Bug Xciting  
Kymco Downtown 300i  
Kymco Downtown 350i  
Kymco People 300  
Kymco T4 (300)  
Kymco Venox  
Kymco X-Town 300i  
Lambretta All models  
Laro-Dadyw Pro Street 350  
Laro-Dadyw Regal 350  
Laro-Dadyw Venom NAC35  
Laro-Dadyw SPT 350  
Lifan LF400  
Matchless G3  
Matchless G12  
Matchless G80  
MBK Yamaha XT660R  
MBK Yamaha XT660X  
Moto Guzzi Falcone 500  
Moto Guzzi V35  
Moto Guzzi V50  
Moto Guzzi V65  
Moto Guzzi NTX650  
Moto Morini 3½ V  
MuZ Baghira  
MuZ Mastiff Supermotard  
MuZ Skorpion  
MuZ Skorpion Replica  
MuZ Skorpion Sport  
MuZ Skorpion Tour  
MV Augusta 350S  
MZ ETZ250  
Norton 50  
Norton Dominator  
Norton ES2  
Panther 600  
Peugeot Satelis 500  
Peugeot Geopolis 400  
Piaggio All models  
Riya RY300T  
Royal Enfield Meteor 350  
Sherco Enduro 300  
Sherco 3.0i  
Sherco 4.5i  
Sherco 5.1i  
Sherco S6-300  
Sherco S6-480  
Suzuki AN400  
Suzuki AN650  
Suzuki AN650A  
Suzuki DL650AUE  
Suzuki DL650XAUE  
Suzuki DR350  
Suzuki DR350S  
Suzuki DR400  
Suzuki DR500  
Suzuki DR600  
Suzuki DR600R  
Suzuki DR650  
Suzuki DR650SE  
Suzuki DR-Z400  
Suzuki DR-Z400E  
Suzuki DR-Z400S  
Suzuki DRZ400SM  
Suzuki GR650  
Suzuki GS450  
Suzuki GS500  
Suzuki GS500E  
Suzuki GS500F  
Suzuki GS550  
Suzuki GSX400  
Suzuki GSX650FU  
Suzuki GT380  
Suzuki LS650  
Suzuki RE5 Rotary  
Suzuki RMX450  
Suzuki SFV650U Gladius  
Suzuki SV650SU  
Suzuki SV650UA  
Suzuki T500 Titan  
Suzuki XF650  
SWM SM500R  
SWM RS650R To be eligible for LAMs engine no. must start with “L”
SWM RS300R  
SWM Gran Milano  
SWM Gran Turismo  
SWM RS500R  
SWM Silver Vase  
SWM SUPERDUAL LAMS To be eligible for LAMs the 1st character of the engine number must be a L
SYM Citycom 300  
SYM Maxsym 400i  
TC Harley Street 500  
TGB XMotion 300  
TM TM300  
TM TM400  
TM TM450  
TM TM530E 4T  
TM 400E 4T  
Triumph Bonneville 650  
Triumph Speed twin  
Triumph Street Triple 660  
Triumph T100R Daytona 500  
Triumph Thunderbird 650  
Triumph Tiger 100 under 661 mL versions only
Triumph Trident 660  
Triumph Trophy 500  
Triumph Trophy 650  
Triumph TWR25  
URAL 650  
Velocette VENOM  
Vespa All models  
VOR 400 Enduro  
VOR 450 Enduro  
VOR 500 Enduro  
VOR 530 Enduro  
Xingyue XY400GY  
Xingyue XY400Y  
Yamaha CZD300A  
Yamaha MT03  
Yamaha MT07 To be eligible for LAMs the engine number must start with M405E
Yamaha MTN320-A  
Yamaha MTT660-A  
Yamaha RD350  
Yamaha RD400  
Yamaha SR400  
Yamaha SR500  
Yamaha SRX400   
Yamaha SRX600  
Yamaha SZR660  
Yamaha TT350  
Yamaha TT600  
Yamaha TX500  
Yamaha TX650  
Yamaha WR400F  
Yamaha WR426  
Yamaha WR426F 2002 models and later
Yamaha WR450F  
Yamaha XJ650  
Yamaha XJR400  
Yamaha XJ6FL Must obtain manufacturers certification letter
Yamaha XJ6FAL  
Yamaha XJ6NL Must obtain manufacturers certification letter
Yamaha XJ6SL Must obtain manufacturers certification letter
Yamaha XP500  
Yamaha XP560E  
Yamaha XS400  
Yamaha XS650  
Yamaha XSR700  
Yamaha XT350  
Yamaha XT500  
Yamaha XT550  
Yamaha XT600  
Yamaha XT660X  
Yamaha XT660R  
Yamaha XTZ660  
Yamaha XT660Z Tenere  
Yamaha XV535  
Yamaha XVS400  
Yamaha XVS650  
Yamaha XVS650A  
Yamaha XZ550  
Yamaha YP400  
Yamaha YZF-R3  
Zhejiang HT300T