Getting a learner motorcycle licence (RE)

If you want to learn to ride a motorcycle, you must apply for an RE learner licence.

To get your RE learner licence, you need to:

  • hold a provisional or open car licence and have held the licence for at least 1 year. This makes sure you have on-road driving experience before you learn to ride.
  • successfully complete the Q-Ride pre-learner course
    Note: If you live outside a 100km radius of a Q-Ride training area, you may choose to apply for an exemption from completing the course, however if you are exempt from the course you will need to hold your RE learner licence for longer.
  • pass a motorcycle knowledge test
  • be medically fit to ride
  • apply for your RE learner licence.

Motorcycle knowledge test

You will only be able to take the motorcycle knowledge test online if you have already completed the Q-Ride pre-learner course or been granted an exemption from it.

You can practice the motorcycle knowledge test online.

If you pass and pay for your knowledge test online, your driver licence may have the RE learner licence automatically added to it and a new driver licence will be sent to you.

Your RE learner licence can't be automatically added, and you will need to apply at a driver licence issuing centre if:

  • you have a laminate licence
  • your licence is expired or will expire within 6 weeks from the date you pay your test fee
  • you have not had a digital photo and digitised signature taken in the last 9 years.

You can now start learning to ride a motorcycle once you have been issued your RE learner licence.