P2 provisional licence

There are 2 types of provisional licences—P1 and P2. The P2 licence is your second provisional licence before you move onto your open licence.

Applying for a P2 licence

You will get a P2 licence if you:

  • are at least 18 and you have:
    • held your P1 licence for at least 1 year, and
    • passed the hazard perception test and paid the test fee (if you haven't at the your learner licence stage)
  • are at least 25 and you:
    • have held your learner licence for at least 1 year, and
    • were at least 25 years when you passed the practical driving test.

Upgrading to a P2 licence

This table outlines when you will be eligible for a P2 or open licence:

P2  licence
Age when issued P1  licenceMinimum length held P1  licenceAge when issued P2  licenceMinimum length held
Under 23 years1 yearUnder 25 years2 years
23 years1 year24 years and over1 year
24 years1 yearn/a - open licence issued-
--25 years and over1 year

Driving with a P2 licence

On a P2 licence, you no longer have passenger restrictions and you can use a hands-free mobile phone.

When driving you must:

You must not: