Displaying P plates

P1 and P2 licence holders must display a P plate when driving a car or motorcycle.

The P plate is red for P1 licence holders and green for P2 licence holders.

Getting P plates

You can:

Displaying P plates on your car or motorcycle

The P plate must be a plate or sign:

  • measuring at least 14.6cm by 14.6cm
  • with an upper case letter ‘P’ in red (P1 licence) or green (P2 licence) on a clear white background.

You must display your P plates so the letter P can be clearly seen at the front and rear of the car (rear only for motorcycles) from 20m away.


You may get a fine and 2 demerit points if you hold a P1 or P2 licence and do not have P plates displayed correctly.

If a person who is not a P1 or P2 licence holder drives the car or motorcycle and does not remove the P plates, they may be fined.