Staying safe during Halloween celebrations

Halloween has become increasingly popular in Australia over the last decade. If you are planning some Halloween fun with your family this year, there are some things you can do to stop it turning into a nightmare.

To stay safe during Halloween celebrations, follow our safety tips and keep up to date on the latest product recalls.

Read our Halloween safety suggestions for:

Button batteries

Button batteries are very dangerous for children and can be found in a wide variety of products in our homes, such as remote controls, torches, calculators, watches, scales, car keys and light-up novelties.

Many of these items are cheaply made and the battery compartments are not secure or can break open easily, releasing the batteries.

These small batteries pose a serious choking hazard and, if swallowed, can cause severe burns or death.

At Halloween button batteries are often used to power light-up novelty and flashing objects like jack-o-lanterns, cauldrons, fake candles, torches, wands, masks and other Halloween-themed decorations.

If using Halloween-themed items, look for products that don’t use button batteries at all. If an item does use button batteries, make sure it has a secure battery compartment that can’t be opened by children.

Protect your family and keep button batteries out of reach.

Read more about button battery safety.

Cosmetics ingredients labelling

Dressing up for Halloween? Don’t get a fright from an allergic reaction!

When picking the finishing touches for your outfit, make sure items such as fake blood, face paint, make-up and temporary tattoos are clearly labelled with ingredient information.

If someone in your group has an allergic reaction to a product, having a list of ingredients available for doctors can save them vital time when determining how to treat them.

Read more about cosmetics ingredients labelling.

Costume safety

Halloween can be a fun time to dress up. When picking your outfit, check the labels on costumes, wigs, masks and accessories for phrases like ‘flame resistant’ or ‘fire resistant’.

Avoid products with phrases like ‘Keep away from flame’ or ‘Warning! Keep away from fire’.

Even if you choose garments with a ‘flame resistant’ or ‘fire resistant’ label, they can still be flammable.

Also avoid loose-fitting costumes, particularly if you or your little ones will be around candles.

Take care when using candles. Keep lit candles away from any flammable material, including Halloween costumes and decorations.

Costume visibility

Halloween can be a fun time to use your imagination and create a truly spooky costume.

When designing a costume, make sure it is visible in low light. If you or your children will be donning black or other dark costumes for Halloween, you could be hard to see in the dark.

Wear bright colours, add glow sticks or a reflective strip, and carry a torch so drivers and other trick-or-treaters can see you.