Make a product safety complaint

You have the right to expect that a product or product-related service is safe.

You can tell us about any unsafe products or product-related services that you think are unsafe. Giving us all the details will help us investigate your complaint.

Product Safety Australia can tell you if a product has been the subject of a safety recall.

A product is something:

  • intended for personal, domestic or household use or consumption
  • that is likely to be used for personal, domestic or household use or consumption.

A product-related service is a service for or relating to:

  • installation of consumer goods
  • maintenance, repair or cleaning of consumer goods
  • assembly of consumer goods
  • delivery of consumer goods.

Complaint form

To complain about an unsafe product or product-related service:

Specific details

Your complaint must include:

  • the name of the business and specific details
  • a description of the unsafe product or service
  • details of why you think it’s unsafe
  • copies of any evidence, (such as samples, photos or letters)
  • anything you tried to do to resolve the problem.

Injury or property damage

You may be able to seek compensation if an unsafe product:

  • causes an injury
  • damages your property.

We don’t handle compensation claims. Talk to a lawyer with experience in product liability law. They can advise you of your best course of action.

Things we don’t investigate

We do not handle complaints about the following items. You can find the best agency to talk to in the table below.

Subject of complaint Best contact agency
Motor vehicles, trailers and dangerous goods Department of Transport and Main Roads
Electrical products Electrical Safety Office
Workplace health and safety on amusement rides Workplace Health and Safety
Industrial and construction equipment Workplace Health and Safety
Gas, explosives and fireworks Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Medicines and medical devices Therapeutic Goods Administration (Federal Government)
Food, drugs and poisons, and environmental toxins Queensland Health

If you have any doubt, lodge a complaint with us. We will forward your complaint to the proper agency if we need to.

Email us your complaint to