Product safety standards and recalled products

The law sets mandatory standards for safety and information of some products. The standards:

  • give customers important information
  • stop unsafe products being sold.

Safety standards

All products must be safe for their intended purpose. Some high-risk products cannot be sold unless they meet certain standards. It is illegal for you to sel any product that doesn't meet a safety standard.

Mandatory standards are about:

  • how the product is made or processed
  • what it contains
  • how it works
  • what warnings or instructions must come with it.

The standards make sure products:

  • are safe for their intended use
  • help prevent injuries from unsafe goods.

Information standards

Consumers need clear and visible information to make an informed choice about what they buy. This information is usually via a label or warning.

List of standards

You can visit Product Safety Australia for all safety and information standards.

You can get a copy of the standards from Standards Australia.