Getting receipts and bills

Proof of transaction

Businesses must give you proof of transaction for goods or services that cost $75 or more. This might be:

  • a GST tax invoice
  • a cash register receipt
  • a receipt number (in a telephone or internet transaction).

The proof of transaction must list:

  • the business’s name
  • their Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • the supply date
  • a list of the goods or services supplied
  • the price of the goods or services.

You can still ask for proof of transaction for goods or services worth under $75. The business must give one to you within 7 days.

Itemised bills

Itemised bills apply to services only. You can request that the business provides you with an itemised bill up to 30 days after they do the service or give you the bill. If you do, the business has 7 days to send it to you.

They must:

  • do it for free
  • use plain language
  • make it clear and legible.

The itemised bill must show:

  • how they calculated the price
  • how many hours of labour they worked and at what rate
  • what materials they used and how much they charged for them.