Pre-plan your funeral

Some funeral service businesses offer to sell you:

  • a pre-payment plan for a funeral, burial or cremation
  • an insurance-type arrangement that covers the cost of a funeral, burial or cremation (known as a funeral benefit agreement).

Client care statement

A funeral service provider must complete a client care statement when you:

  • pre-pay a funeral
  • take out a funeral benefit agreement.

They will need to give you a copy before you sign a contract with them.

They must:

  • write the statement in plain English
  • state their rights and responsibilities
  • explain your rights and responsibilities.

Client Care Statement - Form 1 (PDF, 200KB)

The statement should clearly outline:

  • the services they provide
  • fees and charges you will pay
  • the cooling-off period of 30 days.

Serious fines apply if a provider doesn’t:

  • give you the signed statement
  • explain what the statement means
  • retrieve the signed statement when required.

Cooling-off period

You automatically get a cooling-off period of 30 days.

If you cancel in the cooling-off period, the provider must give you a refund. They may keep a $50 cancellation fee, but they must return the balance. They must do this within 7 days of receiving your notice.

Serious fines will apply if they don't give you the cooling-off period.