Funeral industry code of conduct

If you provide funeral services you must be aware of the laws that can affect your business.

Like all businesses in Australia, the funeral service industry must obey the Australian Consumer Law.

On top of this, we developed a voluntary code of conduct with the Queensland Funeral Industry Reference Group. This is the Queensland Funeral Industry Code of Conduct. You can adopt it to show your clients that you are committed to best practice.

Download the code

The code aims to:

  • help customers make informed decisions
  • develop the best practices for the industry
  • make sure that funeral providers, the community and government all understand these practices
  • give people details about their rights and responsibilities
  • help providers to be professional and informative
  • reduce harm from unethical providers.

The code recommends that your business adopts rules for:

  • behaving in a professional manner
  • training staff members
  • giving information to clients and prospective clients
  • handling and storing bodies
  • making financial transactions
  • resolving any complaints from clients.