Update your details with Blue Card Services

If you have a current blue or exemption card, or you have applied for one, you need to let us know about any changes to your contact details within 14 days of the change.

Use this page to update your:

  • home or postal address
  • phone number (landline or mobile)
  • email address.

If you have changed your name, you will need to fill in a change of name form instead.

If you are an organisation or employer, complete the update organisation details form to update the contact details of your organisation (including changing the contact person).

This form can only be used if you are a current card holder or applicant. If you need to renew your blue card, you will need to fill in a new application form—use the same form for new applications or renewals.

  1. I need to update my: Select all that apply.
  2. Your details
    1. Phone
    2. Street address
      1. Is your postal address the same as your street address? *
    3. Postal address (If you chose ‘No’ above)
    4. *