Pay for your blue card application

If you are doing paid work or are a jobseeker, you will need to pay a fee for your blue card application.

You can pay for the application yourself or your employer can pay on your behalf.

How to pay

Paying for your own application

If you submit your application online using the applicant portal you can pay using a credit card.

If you submit a paper application you can pay by:

  • BPOINT (note your BPOINT receipt number on your application form)
  • cheque
  • cash or EFTPOS in person at reception (we recommend cashless payments).

An employer paying for your application

Employers can pay for an application by using the Organisation Portal. Talk to your blue card coordinator before you apply so they can arrange payment.

If your employer is not using the Organisation Portal, they will provide you with a receipt number to enter when applying through the applicant portal.

If your employer or someone else is paying for your application, ask them to pay using the BPOINT system before you apply. You will need to have your BPOINT receipt number when applying online or when using the paper form.

Pay for your application

Fee exemptions

Applications for business operators and exemption cards

You do not have to pay for your blue card application if you are:

  • a business operator who is considered a not-for-profit organisation
  • applying for an exemption card.

Applications for volunteers and students

Volunteers and students do not have to pay for their blue card application when they are linked to the organisation they are volunteering or studying with. Applicants will need to speak to their organisation about linking requirements. Watch our videos to find out more.

Table of fees

Type of applicationFee
Blue card application (excluding volunteers, students or exemption card applicants) $95.55
Volunteer, student blue card or exemption card No fee
Existing disability worker screening clearance applying for a blue card using the DWS form $10.00
Transfer from volunteer or student to paid employment or business operation $95.55
Cancel a negative notice $95.55
Eligibility declaration $95.55
Replacement card (all applicants) $14.45

Application fees current from 1 July 2021.

Renewals are charged at the same rate as new applications.

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