Pay for your application

Applying for most blue card types requires you to pay a fee when you submit it.

This page explains when you will need to pay, and how much that fee currently is.

Applications for blue cards or exemption cards

You will usually need to pay the standard application fee when you apply for or renew a blue card. The following exceptions apply.

You do not have to pay if you are:

  • a volunteer (who does not also do paid work with children)
  • a trainee student
  • an exemption card applicant.

The standard application fee is $92.30.

Changing to paid work

If you are a volunteer or student with a free card and you start getting paid for your child-related work, you need to pay the application fee.

You will also need to submit a transfer to employment or operating a business form.

Replacement cards

You will need to pay for a replacement card or positive notice if you lose your card/notice or if it is stolen. Volunteers and students are not excluded from this fee.

If your card is lost because you change your contact details after applying and don’t notify us, you will need to pay this fee. A replacement fee will not be required if it is caused by a mistake by Blue Card Services or Australia Post.

A replacement card costs $13.95.

Eligibility declaration

If you submit the form for disqualified people  to check if you are eligible to apply for a blue card, you need to pay the standard blue card application fee of  $92.30.

Negative notice cancellation

If you have been given a negative notice, after 2 years you can apply to cancel the notice. In this case, you need to pay the standard application fee of $92.30.

Table of fees

Type of application


Blue card application (excluding volunteers, students or exemption card applicants)


Volunteer, student blue card or exemption card

No fee

Transfer from volunteer or student to paid employment or business operation


Cancel a negative notice


Eligibility declaration


Replacement card (all applicants)


Blue card application fees from 1 July 2019.

Renewals are charged at the same rate as new applications.