Combined disability worker screening and blue card application

A new worker screening process commenced in Queensland for workers that provide supports and services to people with disability.

In Queensland you may require:

  • a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) worker screening clearance to provide certain NDIS supports and services, or
  • the state’s disability clearance to provide certain non-NDIS related disability services.

To work with children with disability as part of the NDIS in Queensland, you will need both:

  • an NDIS worker screening clearance, and
  • a blue/exemption card.

How to apply

If you need both, you will be able to apply using the Disability worker screening and working with children check application. We call this a combined application.

Apply for both checks

If you have already applied for—or hold—an NDIS or state disability worker screening clearance, and need a blue or exemption card, please use the following forms:

Find out about the application fees for these checks. Processing times may vary for combined applications.

While your application is processed

Under the No Card, No Start laws you must have a valid blue card (or be notified of approval) before you can start working in regulated child-related work or provide certain disability services.

Learn more about the requirements for disability workers at the Disability Worker Screening website.

Expiry dates

If you lodge a combined application (i.e. blue/exemption and disability worker screening clearance) and both checks are approved, your blue/exemption card will have the same expiry date as your disability worker clearance, whether it’s the NDIS or state clearance.

Linking requirements for a relevant person

If you are an NDIS self-employed / business operator who provides NDIS supports and services to a child, a relevant person is entitled to be notified about your blue or exemption card status. A relevant person includes the child receiving the supports or services, the child’s parent or the child’s plan manager.

A relevant person seeking to link an NDIS self-employed / business operator needs to complete a Link an NDIS self-employed / business operator form. We also have a printable Disability workers screening information fact sheet to help you.

To find out more, contact Disability Services on 1800 183 690 or visit the Disability Worker Screening website.

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