Request information about an incorporated association

Searching the online register

We keep a public register that lets you do research into an incorporated association. You can search the free online register to find out:

  • an association’s name
  • their registration number
  • their postcode.

Search the register

Extract of information

You can get an extract of information about an incorporated association.

An extract includes:

  • an association’s current name
  • their postal address
  • their committee history
  • a list of all their lodged documents.

You can request an extract online or contact us to ask for an extract.

The fee for this is $25.00.

We will usually need 10 working days to process your request.

Examining documents

Incorporated associations must lodge certain documents with us. Some of these are available to the public for a fee.

You can either view or get copies of these documents from an association’s file:

  • annual returns
  • rules
  • rule changes
  • name changes
  • committee membership changes.

You need to pay $7.80 fee for us to retrieve an association’s file. We will need 10 business days to get the file for you.

You can do this:

We will let you know when the association’s file has arrived, and what documents are in it.

You can view the entire file for no further cost in our Brisbane office.

If you want copies of documents from the file, we can email, post or fax them to you for $3.65 per page.

Certificate of incorporation

You can get a copy of the certificate of incorporation of an incorporated association for $25.00.

The certificate will be a certified copy. We cannot give you an original version.

You can request a certificate online or contact us to ask for a certificate.

We will usually need 10 working days to process your request.