Closing down your incorporated association

Choosing to close

You must call a general meeting to close down an incorporated association. You can only do this as long as your association is still solvent.

At this meeting, you must pass 2 separate special resolutions. These will be to:

  • close down
  • decide how to distribute any remaining surplus assets.

When distributing your surplus assets, you must:

  • pay out your liabilities first
  • get receipts from any organisation that receives your assets
  • obey your association’s rules.

The association then has 1 month to:

  • fill out and lodge the closure form
  • give us a copy of the special resolution to close, signed by 2 office bearers
  • give us copies of the receipts for your surplus assets
  • return your certificate of incorporation to us – this must be the original
  • send us your final financial statement.

Download the closure form

Being closed by us

We can cancel the incorporation of your association if it:

  • is doing things outside of its objects (as described in its rules)
  • has less than 7 members
  • is doing things that would have meant it wouldn’t have been allowed to incorporate in the first place
  • fails to lodge financial documents
  • has ceased to exist
  • is in the public interest to do so.

Going bankrupt

If your association can’t pay its debts, a creditor may apply to the Supreme Court to close it down. If the Court orders that your association close down, you will usually need to appoint a liquidator and cover the liquidator’s costs.