Entry Condition Report

Information for Queensland public housing tenants.

When you move into your home, both you and the department must complete the Entry Condition Report—called Form 1a.

What is the Entry Condition Report (Form 1a)?

The report records the condition of your home when you start your tenancy. The landlord (us) and the tenant (you) fill the report in.

What should I do with the Entry Condition Report?

You must complete your section on the Entry Condition Report within 3 days of moving into the property. If you disagree with our assessment of the condition of your home, please discuss it with us. You can provide information in the additional comments/information section or attach a separate page. If you agree with the report, sign it and return it to your nearest Housing Service Centre.

You need to return your signed and completed report to us, and keep a copy for your records. Your report may be referred to as evidence at the end of your tenancy.

What happens next?

If you agreed with the Entry Condition Report, we will keep the report on your file so it can be used to compare the condition of your home when you end your tenancy.

If you did not agree with the report, we will discuss these items with you, so an agreement is made about the condition of your home when you began your tenancy.

What if my home or items in my home need repairing after I move in?

If, for example, your stove was listed on the Entry Condition Report as being in working order, but it stops working soon after you move in, contact your nearest Housing Service Centre and report the problem.

If repairs are needed as a result of damage caused by you, any household member or any person you allow onto your property, we will make repairs according to the normal property maintenance timetable but will charge your rental account with the costs for repairing the damage.