Swapping your property

Can I swap my public housing property with another housing tenant?

You can apply to swap your public housing property (PDF, 99KB) with other public housing tenants. This is called a mutual exchange.

You need to return the completed form to your nearest Housing Service Centre.

Are there any conditions?

Yes, tenants from each home need to:

  • remain eligible for ongoing housing assistance
  • show that—for at least one of the following—the current housing doesn’t meet needs. These can be because you have:
    • had a relationship breakdown
    • safety risks
    • difficulty accessing essential services, gaining employment, meeting cultural obligations, accessing your children, or need family/informal support
    • household's needs that the design and/or size of current housing doesn’t meet
    • been referred to the department by Disability Services or Queensland Health due to a disability and need suitable housing.
  • be eligible for the property they would like to move into (for example, they are entitled to that number of bedrooms)
  • have looked after their property properly as outlined in the State Tenancy Agreement
  • agree to accept the property they wish to transfer to in its current condition and sign the declaration on the application form
  • have been a continuous tenant for at least the last 2 years immediately before lodging their application
  • have paid any arrears or maintenance debts in full before the exchange can proceed.

What happens next?

We will assess each tenant’s application to check if you are eligible to swap homes. We will also arrange a time to inspect your current property.

If your application is approved, you will have to sign a new State Tenancy Agreement for the property you are moving into.