Transfer to another property

Eligibility to transfer

You can apply for a transfer to another property if your current housing does not meet your needs, and you have multiple and complex factors that mean you are unable to independently access and sustain stable housing.

To be considered for a transfer, you must be able to show that your current housing doesn’t meet your housing needs, for example:

  • you are experiencing or at risk of domestic, family or sexual violence
  • you are experiencing or at risk of violence, abuse or harassment from a household or community member
  • you have the safety of a child in your care at risk
  • you are experiencing family or relationship breakdown
  • you wish to enable family reunification
  • you need to move to meet your or a household member’s disability support needs
  • your housing has been impacted by a natural disaster
  • you are a victim of major crime that was committed in Queensland

You must also continue to meet social housing eligibility.

You will need to provide documentation supporting your reason/s for a transfer.

Note: It’s an offence under the Housing Act 2003 to knowingly provide false and misleading information that may influence decisions made about your eligibility for housing services.

Applying for a transfer

  1. Complete the transfer application (PDF, 957 KB) .
  2. Attach any paperwork to support your transfer application.
  3. Have all the tenants (people who signed the State tenancy agreement) sign the form.
  4. Send the form to your nearest Housing Service Centre.

We will tell you our decision in writing and contact you for more information if needed.

Help with your transfer application

You can have a guardian or administrator, friend or advocate help you complete the transfer application form.

We can arrange an interpreter for you if necessary.

If your transfer application is approved

If we approve your application to transfer, you must choose 6 locations (suburbs, towns, cities) that you would like to live in.

If you’re transferring because you need to live in a particular location and have evidence to support this, you only need to list for that area.

Transferring to the new property

You need to sign a new State tenancy agreement for the property you’re moving into.

We regularly review your eligibility for social housing while you wait for another property so that we can identify whether other housing products and services will better address your housing needs.

Tell your nearest Housing Service Centre if there are any changes to your household.