Help to find housing

If you have a criminal record

Help is available if you have a criminal record and are having problems getting housing.

If you are leaving jail

If you are about to leave jail, organise a place to live before you are released so you have somewhere to go once released.

Emergency help

Have no proof of identification?

If you are homeless and need personal identification such as a birth certificate to get government services like housing or rental support, we suggest you follow the steps below.

Get your personal information

Gather any information about yourself if you can. This can be:

  • a temporary Medicare card
  • a letter from a government department such as Centrelink
  • a letter from a temporary residence like a hostel (if that’s where you are staying)
  • any other official papers that say who you are.

Get a Birth Certificate application form

Collect an application form*:

*It costs $37 to process the application for a certified copy of your birth certificate—see the latest schedule of fees (PDF, 217KB).

If you don’t have any money, find what financial help is available. Alternatively contact a community organisation like the Salvation Army who may be able to help.

Complete the application form

You must have a contact address, even if it is temporary, to get a reply. This can be a ‘care of’ your temporary accommodation like a hostel or a Housing Service Centre address.

If you need help with the application, Café One can help you.

If you (or the person helping you) have any questions about the form:

Lodge the application form

Send your application form to:

Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages
PO Box 15188
City East QLD 4002

Applications can not be faxed or emailed.

Read about other lodgement options.

How long will it take?

If you were born in Queensland, your application should take:

  • 10 business days—applications lodged via post or at a QGAP office
  • 4 business days—applications lodged at a Magistrates Court.

Read about our priority processing for urgent applications.

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