State colour

Maroon is a deep red color with purple undertones

On 13 November 2003 the Governor in Council officially named maroon as Queensland's state colour.

This announcement was made as a result of a long-held, but informal, tradition of using maroon to represent Queensland.

Maroon has traditionally been associated with Queensland sport in particular and is the official colour (in combination with gold) for rugby league club the Brisbane Broncos.

While the Governor has elected a particular shade of maroon, Queenslanders continue to wear all shades of maroon at sporting and other events to continue to show the spirit of the state.

Queensland maroon (Queensland's official state colour)

Coated: Pantone® 202c
Uncoated: Pantone® 201u
Process (coated stocks):
C-0%, M-100%, Y-65%, K-47%
Process (uncoated stocks):
C-0%, M-100%, Y-65%, K-34%
Web friendly hexadecimal colour: #73182C
RGB: R-115, G-24, B-44