Aquatic emblem

The Barrier Reef Anemone Fish is Queensland's official aquatic emblem.
© Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

The Barrier Reef Anemone Fish was officially named as Queensland's aquatic emblem in March 2005. The public nominated the species as their preferred representative for Queensland.

Queensland is renowned for its association with the coastline and the water, and so it is only fitting that an official emblem symbolises this.

The Australian Underwater Federation originally developed the idea to introduce an official aquatic emblem for Queensland. As a result, a panel of experts, chaired by the Queensland Museum, suggested a shortlist of aquatic species.

The public were then invited to have their say on the shortlist during an eight-week consultation process.

About the Anemone Fish

The Anemone Fish (Amphiprion akindynos) is well known for its habit of living with large, tropical sea anemones. The species name, akindynos, comes from the Greek word meaning safe or without danger. This refers to the condition the fish enjoys while tucked among the tentacles of its host.

The species grows to 12 centimetres in length, and has a brown-orange colour with two white bars surrounded by black edging. The first bar crosses the head, the second crosses the body at the middle of the dorsal fin and the tail is of a pure white colour.