How to transfer a fine

If someone else was driving a vehicle registered to you or you were driving a vehicle registered to someone else when an offence was committed, you can request to transfer the fine to the responsible person.

If you are transferring a fine, do not pay it. You should keep a copy for your records.

If you don’t transfer a fine within 28 days of the date on the notice:

  • the State Penalties Enforcement Registry may take enforcement action to recover the amount of the fine from you, including additional referral fees
  • demerit points will be added to your traffic record from the day the offence was committed.

If you have signed up for e-reminders, you will receive an email 5 days before payment is due. You will not be sent a reminder about the fine by postal mail.

Transfer the fine to another licence holder

If you were not responsible for the offence, you can request to transfer the fine to another person by:

If you make a false declaration on an online nomination or statutory declaration, you may be fined or sentenced to prison.

Completing an online nomination

You can request to transfer a fine using our online service, if:

  • a fine was issued to you or your company, but another person was driving
  • a fine was issued to another person or company, but you were driving
  • you sold or disposed of the vehicle before the fine was issued
  • the vehicle was stolen or illegally taken before the fine was issued.

You can request to transfer a fine for these types of camera detected offence infringements:

  • Red light
  • Speeding
  • Mobile phone
  • Seatbelt
  • Driving unregistered*
  • Driving uninsured*
  • Dangerous goods in tunnels
  • Disobeying 'No Truck' sign (Brisbane Urban Corridor)

*Note: You can only transfer a fine for unregistered/uninsured vehicle offences if you sold/disposed of the vehicle or it was stolen/illegally taken before the offence.

You can use the online service to transfer a fine if:

  • you have a Queensland driver licence or customer reference number (CRN) and can log in online
  • it is less than 28 days since the date on the infringement
    (self-nominations can be done up to 12 months after the notice issue date)
  • the person being nominated has an Australian driver licence
    (or an overseas licence, only if they have a customer reference number with Transport and Main Roads)
  • the company being nominated has a Queensland customer reference number (CRN).

If you can't use the online service, you need to complete a statutory declaration.

To transfer online, use the Transfer a fine service, log in and choose the fine you want to transfer. You'll need to submit a separate nomination for each infringement notice. You'll need to provide additional information depending on the type of transfer you are requesting:

Reason for transfer Additional requirements
Another person was driving the vehicle at the time of the offence.
  • Additional details may be requested for validation purposes such as the licence number/customer reference number (CRN) or date of birth
The vehicle was stolen/illegally taken before the offence.
  • Police crime report number
The vehicle was sold/disposed of before the offence.
  • Details of the person/company who purchased the vehicle
  • Date of sale/disposal
  • Time of sale/disposal (you'll need to attach supporting documentation if the sale/disposal date is the same as the offence date)
A fine was issued to another person or company (including your own business) but you were driving.
  • The customer reference number (CRN) and infringement notice number from the notice issued to the registered operator

Note: You can upload supporting documents when submitting your transfer request.

Once you have completed the transfer request, the details will be sent to the Queensland Revenue Office along with any uploaded documents, and you will receive a confirmation notice which can be printed or saved.

The transaction will be recorded in your online transaction history in 'My account'.

Completing the statutory declaration

If you are not eligible to use the online service or choose not to use it, you can submit a statutory declaration instead. You can use the partly pre-filled statutory declaration that was sent with your infringement notice or a statutory declaration form. On your statutory declaration you will need to include the full name and address of the person that was driving or in charge of the vehicle at the time.

Your declaration must include all of the following details:

  • infringement notice number
  • date of the fine
  • offence details, for example, 'Fail to stop at a red light'
  • confirmation of who was driving or in charge of the vehicle at the time.

You must have the statutory declaration witnessed by one of the following:

Where to send your statutory declaration

For camera detected mobile phone and seatbelt infringements

You can mail your completed statutory declaration with your infringement notice to:

Queensland Revenue Office
PO Box 673

For camera detected speed or red light camera infringements

You can mail your completed statutory declaration with your infringement notice to:

Queensland Revenue Office
GPO Box 1440

For all other infringements

You can mail your completed statutory declaration with your infringement notice to:

Queensland Revenue Office
GPO Box 1447

Or send your completed statutory declaration to the address shown on your infringement notice.

Valid position titles of organisation representatives

To nominate another person for a camera detected infringement, issued to an organisation, you must hold a valid position title.

Any camera detected offence nominations that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted by Queensland Revenue Office and will be returned to your organisation for further action.

  • Position titles of organisation representatives are prescribed under section 114(9) of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 (TORUM).
  • Valid position titles include:
    • Director
    • Manager
    • Secretary.
  • Position titles that include the terms 'Executive Officer' or 'Chief Officer' can also be accepted, as these positions hold a managerial function.
  • This is a legislative requirement and ensures the corporate representative holds a position of authority within the organisation.

These lists provide examples of valid and invalid position titles. These are not complete lists.

Valid position titles

  • Director
  • Manager
  • Infringement Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Secretary (for example, Company Secretary)
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Executive Officer
  • Executive Fleet Officer
  • Chief Infringement Officer
  • Chief Officer

Invalid position titles

  • Authorised Officer
  • Administration Officer
  • Infringement Clerk
  • Company Clerk
  • Authorised Clerk
  • Infringement Officer
  • Fleet Officer
  • Officer
  • Clerk
  • Clerical Secretary
  • Office Secretary
  • Administration Secretary
  • Personal Assistant
  • Executive Assistant