How to transfer a fine

If someone else was driving a vehicle registered to you or you were driving a vehicle registered to someone else when an offence was committed, you can request to transfer the fine to the responsible person.

If you are transferring a fine, do not pay it and keep a copy for your records.

If you don’t transfer a fine within 28 days of the date on the notice:

  • the State Penalties Enforcement Registry may take enforcement action to recover the amount of the fine, including additional referral fees, from you
  • demerit points will be added to your traffic record from the day the offence was committed.

You won't receive a mail reminder to pay or transfer your fine, however if you have signed up to receive email reminders you will receive an email reminder 3 days before it's due.

We will only send an infringement notice by email if:

  • you're pulled over by a Queensland Police Officer or Transport Inspector
  • the police officer or transport inspector issues you a fine
  • you agree to receive the infringement by email.

Fake infringement notice emails are sometimes sent by scammers. If you have any doubts about whether an emailed infringement notices is real, do not open it, click any links in it or open any attachments.

If you are unsure whether a fine is real, find the contact details for the agency that issued it on their official website, and delete the email once you have confirmed it's fake. If you have access to My TMR Account, you can also log in to see any legitimate fines.

More information on checking whether an email is legitimate.

Transfer the fine to another licence holder

If you were not responsible for the offence, you can request to transfer the fine to another person by:

If you make a false declaration on an online nomination or statutory declaration, you may be fined or sentenced to prison.

Completing an online nomination

You can request to transfer a fine using our online service, if:

  • a fine was issued to you or your organisation, but another person was driving
  • a fine was issued to another person or organisation, but you were driving
  • you sold or disposed of the vehicle before the fine was issued
  • the vehicle was stolen or illegally taken before the fine was issued.

You can complete an online nomination to transfer a fine from a camera detected offence issued by the Road Safety Camera Office (RSCO) of the Queensland Police Service, or Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) for the following types of infringements:

  • Red light
  • Speeding
  • Driving unregistered*
  • Driving uninsured*
  • Dangerous goods in tunnels
  • Disobeying 'No Truck' sign (Brisbane Urban Corridor)
  • Mobile phone
  • Seatbelt

*Note: You can only nominate another person for unregistered/uninsured vehicle offences if you sold/disposed of the vehicle or it was stolen/illegally taken before the offence.

You can use the online nomination form to transfer a fine if:

  • you can log into 'My TMR account'
  • it is fewer than 28 days since the date the notice was issued
  • you submit a separate nomination for each infringement notice
  • the person being nominated has an Australian Driver Licence or Queensland Photo ID Card
  • the organisation being nominated for unregistered or uninsured vehicle infringements has a Queensland Customer Reference Number (CRN)

If the above do not apply, you need to complete a statutory declaration and return it to the relevant issuing agency.

To nominate online, log into 'My TMR account' and choose the fine you want to nominate. You will need to provide additional information depending on the type of nomination you are submitting:

Nomination type Additional requirements
Nomination of the person in charge (driver nomination)
  • Additional details may be requested for validation purposes such as the CRN or date of birth
Nominate that the vehicle was stolen/illegally taken
  • Police crime report number
Nominate that the vehicle was sold/disposed of
  • Details of the person/corporation who purchased the vehicle
  • Date of sale/disposal
  • Time of sale/disposal (where sale/disposal date is the same as the offence date)
  • Attach supporting documentation to prove the sale/disposal
Nominate that you were the person in charge
  • The CRN and infringement notice number from the notice issued to the registered operator
  • Valid email address
  • Consent to be served the infringement by electronic communication (email/phone/user account)

Note: You can upload supporting documents when submitting your nomination.

Once you have completed the online nomination, the details will be sent to the issuing agency along with any uploaded documents, and you will receive a confirmation notice which can be printed or saved. The transaction will be recorded in your online transaction history on 'My TMR Account'.

Completing the statutory declaration

If you are not eligible to complete the online nomination or choose not to complete the online nomination, you can submit a paper statutory declaration. On your paper statutory declaration you will need to include the full name and address of the person in charge of the vehicle at the time.

You can also use a standard statutory declaration form F623 if you want to take responsibility for a fine that has been issued to someone else. Your declaration must include all of the following details:

  • infringement notice number
  • date of the fine
  • offence details, for example, 'Fail to stop at a red light'
  • confirmation that you were responsible for the offence and accept responsibility for the fine.

You must have the statutory declaration witnessed by one of the following:

Where to send your statutory declaration

For police officer or transport inspector issued infringement notices, you can mail your completed statutory declaration with your infringement notice to:

Department of Transport and Main Roads
PO Box 673

For camera detected offences—speed or red light camera offences—send your completed statutory declaration with your infringement notice to:

Queensland Police Service
Road Safety Camera Office
GPO Box 1440

For other types of camera detected offences including: unregistered/uninsured vehicle, dangerous goods in tunnels, disobeying 'No Truck' sign or mobile phone and seatbelt offences, send your completed statutory declaration to the address shown on your infringement notice.