Mobile phone and seatbelt cameras

Mobile phone and seatbelt cameras are installed throughout Queensland. Their locations are based on where road crash injuries or fatalities have occurred where using a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt were contributing factors. Mobile phone and seatbelt enforcement occurs anywhere, anytime on Queensland roads.

Camera locations

Two types of mobile phone and seatbelt cameras are used in Queensland:

  • Fixed cameras – these cameras are fitted to existing infrastructure and operating 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Portable cameras – these cameras are used at random locations in both urban and regional areas for shorter periods.

How the cameras work

The cameras take multiple images of every vehicle passing the camera. This includes capturing the registration number plate as well as images of the front seats of the vehicle.

Using artificial intelligence software

The cameras use artificial intelligence (AI) software to filter images and detect possible mobile phone use by the driver, or failure to wear a seatbelt by the driver and front seat passenger.

If no possible offence is detected, AI automatically excludes the images from any further analysis and the images are deleted.

If AI suspects a possible offence, the image is passed on to the Queensland Revenue Office to determine if an offence has been committed.

Your privacy

People are not identified using the images as the cameras do not capture or analyse biometric data. We are committed to protecting the privacy of drivers and passengers and work closely with the Office of the Information Commissioner to ensure camera operations comply with privacy legislation. Only authorised personnel within the Queensland Revenue Office will view these images to decide if an offence has occurred, and if an infringement notice is to be issued.

Mobile phone use and driver distraction

Driver distraction is a major cause of road crashes and contributes to almost 20% of serious injuries on Queensland roads. Research shows that using a mobile phone while driving quadruples the risk of crashing. Use of a mobile phone while driving is just as dangerous as drink driving. Read about the dangers of driver distractions by visiting StreetSmarts

Failing to wear a seatbelt also has significant impacts on the outcome of a crash for drivers and passengers. Vehicle occupants not wearing seatbelts have a much lower chance of surviving a crash than those who wear their seatbelt. Wearing a properly adjusted seatbelt improves the chance of surviving a crash by 200%.