Automated number plate recognition cameras

Transport and Main Roads use camera technology which recognises number plates.

Read below how we use these cameras across Queensland to manage heavy vehicle activities.

We can also detect if your vehicle is registered or insured, working jointly with the Queensland Police Service.

Managing heavy vehicles

We use automated number plate recognition cameras to help understand the movement of heavy vehicles across our road network.

These cameras are often located with the weigh-in-motion sensors, which provide information about vehicle weights. Used together, we gain insights into the movement of different freight loads throughout Queensland.

We work closely with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator – Australia's independent regulator for all vehicles over 4.5t mass.

Unregistered and uninsured vehicles

Automated number plate recognition camera technology can:

  • take images of your vehicle
  • issue infringements automatically for unregistered and uninsured offences.

Even if you have received an automated infringement notice, the Queensland Police Service can still issue you a fine at any time for driving unregistered.

Don’t get caught out—if you drive an unregistered vehicle, we could issue you a fine using automated number plate recognition cameras.