Seatbelt rules

You and all passengers in your vehicle must always wear a seatbelt or child restraint when driving. Driving includes when the vehicle is moving or stationary (for example, when stopped at traffic lights), but not when parked.

As the driver of the vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure you and every passenger in the vehicle is correctly restrained before you start your journey. This does not apply to buses or motorcycles.

Everyone 7 years or older must wear a correctly fitted seatbelt. Children up to 7 years must be in a properly fastened and adjusted Australian Standard approved child restraint. Check that the seatbelts are not frayed or loose.

Wearing a properly fastened and adjusted seatbelt is the law and significantly reduces the risk of serious injury or loss of life in a crash.

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Correct and incorrect use of seatbelt

Correct seatbelt use

Seatbelts must be worn with:

  • the belt over your shoulder, running across your chest
  • be buckled low on your hip.

Wearing a seatbelt any other way will result in a fine.

Exemption from wearing a seatbelt

Exemptions from the seatbelt rules apply in very limited circumstances.

You will only be exempt from the requirement to wear a seatbelt if:

  • You are the driver and are reversing the vehicle.
  • You carry a current seatbelt exemption certificate, signed by a doctor, that states you can’t wear a seatbelt due to a medical condition or disability.
  • The vehicle was originally manufactured without seatbelts fitted and you are 7 years or older. Children under 7 years of age are not permitted to travel in any vehicle without correctly fitted seatbelts or child restraints.
  • You are required to get in and out of the vehicle frequently while engaged in door-to-door pick-up or delivery of goods, and you drive at no more than 25km/h.

Find more information about seatbelt exemptions for historic vehicles.

Some drivers are also exempt from the requirement to ensure their passengers are wearing a seatbelt in certain circumstances. You are exempt from this requirement if:

  • you are a bus driver
  • you are a taxi or rideshare driver and your passenger is over 16
  • you are a taxi or rideshare driver, your passenger is under 7 and you do not have an Australian Standard approved child restraint in the vehicle.

Seatbelt exemption certificates

If you have a seatbelt exemption certificate, carry it when you are in a vehicle and show it to a police officer, if requested.

Register your exemption certificate


You can register a copy of your seatbelt exemption certificate with us online.

By email

You can email us a copy of your seatbelt exemption certificate.

By post

Post a copy of your certificate to:

Department of Transport and Main Roads
PO Box 673

In person

Bring your exemption certificate and visit your nearest transport and motoring customer service centre or Queensland Government Agency Program Office.


Fines and demerit points apply for not wearing a seatbelt and for incorrectly fastened and adjusted seatbelts (for example a seatbelt worn under the arm). Drivers and passengers aged 16 years or older may be fined for not wearing a seatbelt or incorrectly wearing a seatbelt. A driver may be fined for each unrestrained or incorrectly restrained passenger in the vehicle.

Double demerit points apply for second or subsequent seatbelt or child restraint offences committed within 1 year after an earlier offence.