Register a motorised wheelchair

If you use a motorised wheelchair on a footpath or road area in Queensland, it must be registered.

To be registered, your motorised wheelchair must:

  • have an electric motor
  • be designed and built for a person with mobility difficulties
  • have a tare weight of 150kg or less
  • not be capable of travelling at more than 10km/h on level ground.

If you move from another state or territory to Queensland to live you must register your motorised wheelchair within 14 days. Visitors to Queensland are exempt from registration.

In all cases, the person in control of the motorised wheelchair must be capable to safely operate the motorised wheelchair.

How to register a motorised wheelchair

To register a motorised wheelchair, you will need to visit a transport and motoring customer service centre or, if you live in a rural area, a QGAP office, Magistrates Court or local police station that provides vehicle registration services—please call to confirm before visiting.

You no longer have to complete a vehicle registration application form when visiting a transport and motoring customer service centre. If you are attending a QGAP office, Magistrates court or local police station that  provides registration services, you will still need to complete a vehicle registration application (F3518) and, if it’s your first time doing business you will also need a new customer application (F3503).

To apply, you will need to bring:

If you are registering a motorised wheelchair in the name of an organisation (examples of organisations include nursing homes, shopping centres, educational institutions or hire companies) you will also need to bring identification of the organisation, such as a:

  • Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Office of Fair Trading
  • business registration issued by the Australian Securities Investments Commission
  • Certificate of Registration of a Company issued by the Australian Securities Investments Commission.

You must also provide proof that you are acting on behalf of the organisation, such as:

  • wearing the organisation's uniform
  • a business card or business identification
  • documentation from the organisation on official letterhead.

As a registered business is not a legal entity, you must also provide identification for the legal entity behind the business.

Read more information about evidence of identity requirements for organisations (F4362).

Please note: medical certificates are no longer a requirement for getting your motorised wheelchair registered.

Fees and charges

Registrations of motorised wheelchairs are free.

There are also no transfer, number plate or compulsory third party (CTP) insurance fees.

After a motorised wheelchair is registered

When you register a motorised wheelchair you will receive:

  • a number plate
  • a registration certificate
  • an information sheet explaining Queensland Road Rules relating to motorised wheelchairs.

Registration labels are no longer issued to motorised wheelchairs.

Motorised wheelchair use

When using a motorised wheelchair outside of the home, for example on a footpath, the person using the motorised wheelchair is considered to be a pedestrian under the Queensland Road Rules. This means a motorised wheelchair (including mobility scooters) can only be used where a pedestrian can travel, referred to as pedestrian travel routes.

A person using a motorised wheelchair, or any other pedestrian must:

  • use the footpath or nature strip where available
    • if there is no footpath or nature strip available, or there is an obstruction that needs to be avoided, the person must travel as close as possible to the left or right hand side of the road—you also should face oncoming traffic if possible
  • cross a road by the most direct route and use a crossing where available.

In addition to the above general rules, a person using a motorised wheelchair must also exercise due care and attention for the safety of others at all times, including travelling at an appropriate speed (which depending on the situation may be less than the maximum speed of 10km/h).

You can permit another person to use your motorised wheelchair. If you do, you must make them aware of the Queensland Road Rules relating to the use of a motorised wheelchair.