Renew your registration

You will receive a registration notice about 4 weeks before your registration expires. The notice will show your vehicle details and cost to renew your registration.

Make sure you renew your registration on or before the due date or the vehicle cannot legally be driven—a fee will be charged for late payments. Find out the ways to pay your registration.

You can renew your registration online

Pay your registration online now

Driving an unregistered vehicle

Driving an unregistered vehicle is an offence and you may be fined. It is your responsibility to make sure the vehicle you are driving is registered and has Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. If you don’t have CTP insurance you may not be covered if there is an accident or injury to yourself or others.

Transport inspectors and police officers can check that your car is registered through your number plate. This can be done through in car checks using hand held devices, or through the use of mobile and fixed cameras—which have the ability to quickly check the registration status of your vehicle.

Check your registration status

Check your vehicle's registration online or via the free QLD Rego Check mobile app which can be downloaded using iTunes or Google Play. This service can be used to check if the vehicle you will be driving is registered.

You can also check your registration by calling the Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 23 80, or checking the due date by looking on your registration documentation for when you paid last time.

Changes to rego labels

You no longer receive a registration label when you register your vehicle.

You will not be fined if you leave an expired registration label on your vehicle.

You may attach a label, you have made or purchased, to remind you of the vehicles due date, as long as it is attached in a way that it does not obstruct a drivers vision. For example, it is recommended that it be attached to the lower left corner of the wind screen, or to the lower part of the left side window.

Registration certificate

In most cases you will no longer be posted a registration certificate.

You can get your registration certificate online.

If the vehicle is registered in the name of a private individual/s or an organisation with an ACN recorded with TMR, your registration certificate will not be posted.

If you are an organisation and don't have an ACN recorded with TMR, you will be posted a registration certificate when:

  • a vehicle is registered for the first time
  • a vehicle's registration is transferred
  • a vehicle's registration period is varied at renewal (due to over or under payment)
  • common due date vehicles are renewed
  • changes to your registration, insurance provider, number plates or vehicle details are made.

Selling or buying a used vehicle—what happens with registration

When a vehicle gets registered in your name, you will receive a registration certificate. You don't need to provide a buyer with a current registration certificate or replacement registration certificate.

You should retain your registration certificate or vehicle registration notice in case a potential buyer wants to confirm the vehicle or registered operator's details.