Maintain your vehicle

A simple maintenance routine can extend the trouble-free life of your car.

Regular safety checks

You should perform regular checks on your car.

Make sure you check:

  • all exterior lights
  • glass surfaces are clean and free from chips, cracks and scratches
  • windscreen wipers and washers
  • the horn works
  • the handbrake holds the car still on steep hills
  • seat belts are in good condition
  • the condition and pressure of the tyres
  • gauges and warning lights
  • fluid and oil levels for the engine, automatic transmission, radiator, power steering, brake, clutch, battery and windscreen washers.

RACQ has tips on car maintenance, design and safety issues.

Regular services

A regular service on your car helps:

  • to keep long-term repair costs down
  • the repairer to find minor problems and fix them before they become worse.

You should follow the manufacturer’s service schedule to maintain your car.

A car that has been well looked after will have a higher resale or trade-in value.