Repairs to electrical devices

Data-storing devices

Certain devices can store your user-generated data (your saved files). Repairers must have a warning notice to say that their repairs could result in you losing your data. You should try to back up your data (if possible) before having your device repaired.

The device might be a:

  • computer hard drive
  • mobile phone
  • portable media player
  • games console
  • USB memory stick.

Providing refurbished goods

A repairer might use refurbished goods to repair your goods. This means that they might take a working part from a similar device.

For example, they may choose to replace a broken mobile phone screen with the screen from a different phone of the same model. If a business provides refurbished goods, they must display the following notice:

Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than the defective goods being repaired.

It’s illegal for a business not to display this notice.