Volunteer your JP or Cdec services

If you are a Justice of the Peace (JP) or Commissioner for Declarations (Cdec), you can keep your skills up to date by volunteering your time, skills and knowledge.

You can volunteer to help the community by witnessing documents at a community signing site in the JPs in the Community Program or by listing your contact details online so the public can find you.

JPs in the Community program

The JPs in the Community Program aims to give the public consistent and easy access to witnessing services throughout Queensland.

After starting at a single location in 2003, the program has grown to include more than 230 locations across Queensland and assists more than 600,000 clients each year.

Signing sites are usually located at:

  • shopping centres
  • libraries
  • community centres
  • courts
  • universities
  • hospitals.

The Justices of the Peace Branch (JP Branch) is committed to offering you support in your role as a volunteer. You can contact us during business hours for witnessing support or to ask any questions related to your role.

When volunteering at a JPs in the Community Program signing site, you’re covered by the government’s liability insurance and given access to the stationery you need to perform your services effectively (i.e. stamps, handbooks, logbooks, pens, rulers).

Submit your application

Apply to volunteer at a JPs in the Community site

If you can't complete the online form, email jpsinthecommunity@justice.qld.gov.au.

List your contact details on the after-hours register

If you are registered as a JP or Cdec in Queensland and willing to be called on to serve the community between 7am and 7pm, you can list your contact details on the after-hours register to help the public find you.

The online register will show your full name, suburb and phone number. To maintain your privacy, we will not publish your street address. A member of the public will need to call you to arrange your services—at which time you can choose to give them your address.

Important resources for volunteers

We have developed resources to support you in your role as a volunteer.

Professional development

JPs in the Community Program documents

General information