JP and Cdec handbooks and logbook

The new editions of the Duties of Justices of the Peace (Qualified) and Duties of Commissioners for Declarations handbooks are indispensable guides for witnessing officers across Queensland.

Written in plain language, clear and to the point, the handbooks offer users a concise overview of the day-to-day tasks of a volunteer Justice of the Peace (JP) and Commissioner for Declarations (Cdec).

Each chapter contains helpful tips, frequently asked questions, quick guides and references to help you find more information when you need it.

Flexible and adaptive to the needs of a mobile and volunteer workforce, the handbooks will continue to be a definitive guide to JP and Cdec duties, responsibilities and conduct.

Download your handbook

You can download the JP and Cdec handbooks and logbook free of charge.

Download the:

The printed version

You can purchase a physical copy of the handbooks and logbook from the JP shop.

For the first time, the handbooks are published as loose-leaf pages, ensuring changes to laws, processes or agencies can be easily updated.

You don’t have to buy the complete package. You have the option to purchase the individual parts— folder, contents and section tabs - separately. Whether you buy it in full or just get the parts you want, you adapt it so it works best for you.

It's your handbook, your way!

Another change you’ll see is that we’ve streamlined the logbook requirements, so it’s a record of witnessing activities relevant for either JP or Cdec. With reference information on general witnessing steps and a list of oaths and affirmations, the logbook records your important events in the delivery of your JP or Cdec activities.

You can order them online or in person at the JP Branch in South Brisbane. Visit the JP shop for full product descriptions and prices (concessions for pension or health care card holders do not apply).

What has changed?

Many updates have been made in the new edition of the JP and Cdec handbooks. Some of the important changes have been about:

  • witnessing family law documents
  • statutory declarations for camera detected offence notices
  • witnessing blue card applications
  • applications for post-search approval orders
  • issuing warrants under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001.

Content updates

Every now and again a change in legislation will impact on your duties as a JP or Cdec.

To help you maintain its currency, the new format will ensure such changes result in an easy and low-cost update to your handbook. Visit our JP and Cdec handbook updates page to stay up to date with the changes.

There are locations highlighting when updates have occurred:

  1. the table of contents page lists the month and the year a new update has occurred
  2. this is repeated in the table of contents for each section, and
  3. the month and the year at the footer of each page.