Selling solar products

If you work in the solar industry, you must:

  • be licensed
  • have the right accreditation
  • obey the Australian Consumer Law.

You should also have a good complaint handling process.


If you install photovoltaic solar panels in Queensland, you must hold:

  • an unrestricted Queensland electrical contractors licence


  • the required Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licence.

The type of licence you need will depend on:

  • the output capacity of the solar panels
  • where you install the solar panels.

For more licensing information, you can visit the QBCC website.


You must:

  • be accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC)
  • provide CEC approved products that meet Australian Standards.

You can find more information about:

Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

Like all businesses, you must obey the ACL. Key areas of the ACL include: