Product recalls

We can make you recall a product, under some circumstances, if:

All Australian governments can issue public warning notices. A public warning notice can:

  • tell consumers that the safety of a product is being investigated
  • warn about the risks of a product.

You should recall goods you have supplied if you realise they:

  • are banned
  • do not comply with a safety standard
  • may cause an injury (including through misuse).

Recall notices

Make sure your customers are not in danger by giving:

  • a clear description of the product to be recalled, including model numbers
  • details of the problem
  • dates when the product was supplied
  • how many products were supplied
  • where the product was supplied
  • what consumers should do with the product
  • your contact and return details.

You can get more information on recalling a product from the Product Safety Recalls website.

If you sell a recalled product:

  • you could have negative publicity
  • you can lose money from stock you can’t sell
  • customers can sue you if they are injured
  • we can fine you.


The maximum fines for selling a banned product are:

  • $220,000 for an individual
  • $1.1 million for a company.