Businesses and traders to avoid

Public warnings

Public warnings and namings are serious actions conducted by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). We only do them in limited situations.

Before we take either action, we must have:

  • clear evidence that a business is engaging in deliberate and widespread misconduct
  • a strong reason to warn the public about the business or their conduct
  • a belief that it in the public interest to warn consumers about the business.
Name(s) of trader or business Date of issue Reason for warning/naming

Auto Transporters Pty Ltd (AAA), MV Transporters Pty Ltd and VTrans Pty Ltd and their directors Snezanna Mladenis and Scott Ingram.

24 April 2020

The OFT is warning Australian businesses and consumers against dealing with 3 transport companies who operate from the Gold Coast and Broadmeadows, Victoria: Auto Transporters Pty Ltd (AAA), MV Transporters Pty Ltd and VTrans Pty Ltd.

The companies and their directors are the subject of a national investigation being led by the OFT.

The 3 traders are vehicle shipping and transportation companies that operate throughout Australia and have a history of taking consumers’ money and not supplying the service they guaranteed when the booking was made.

Jason Paul Murray and J.P. & K.M. Murray Pty Ltd, trading as Brisbane Motor Imports 15 November 2019

The OFT is warning consumers to avoid doing business with Slacks Creek car parts supplier Jason Paul Murray and his company, J.P. & K.M. Murray Pty Ltd, trading as Brisbane Motor Imports.

The OFT investigated a number of complaints from consumers against Mr Murray and his company after they paid for engines but did not receive them. The investigation resulted in Mr Murray facing the Beenleigh Magistrates Court and pleading guilty to six charges of wrongly accepting payment under the Australian Consumer law.

In June 2019, the OFT launched a new investigation after receiving further consumer complaints of similar conduct.

CDA Fencing Pty Ltd and Matthew Geoffrey Rixon.

Has also gone under various aliases including Matthew Douglas and Matt Douglas

05 April 2019

The OFT is warning consumers not to deal with CDA Fencing Pty Ltd and Matthew Rixon, aliases Matthew Douglas and Matt Douglas.

Mr Rixon is back operating on the Gold Coast after being banned in New South Wales.

The OFT has received complaints from consumers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast who made payments to Mr Rixon for fencing and other residential building works. No work was done and no refunds were received.

Sun Beef Pty Ltd, trading as SunUltima 12 July 2018

The OFT is warning consumers about a product its seller claims will cure skin cancer after the business failed to produce any evidence that it works.

The OFT investigated Sun Beef Pty Ltd, trading as SunUltima, after receiving a complaint about a newspaper ad that stated 5mL of SunUltima Skin Cancer Cure could “completely treat and cure 100 average sized skin cancers”.

The former director of SunUltima, Colin Uebergang, refused to comply with a notice issued by the OFT to provide evidence to substantiate the claims made on the SunUltima website.

Ali Faraj, operating as Pro Master Painting and Maintenance
Has also gone under the names Jamel Kaseem and Kamel Mousselmani
23 May 2018 The OFT has warned consumers to avoid doing business with Gold Coast painter and renovator Ali Faraj, operating Pro Master Painting and Maintenance.

Mr Faraj is alleged to have received deposits from Gold Coast consumers for painting and renovation works. He then subcontracts the work out to licensed tradespeople who he fails to pay, leaving both parties at a financial loss. 

Mr Faraj is also alleged to be operating as a backyard motor dealer in Queensland, selling second-hand vehicles without a motor dealer licence. 
Viagogo  27 August 2017 Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D'Ath has warned Queensland consumers to be very cautious about buying event or concert tickets from ticket resale website Viagogo.

The Queensland OFT has received 49 complaints from consumers about Viagogo, with 43 received in the last 12 months. Other fair trading regulators around Australia report a combined total of more than 200 complaints received against the company.

Consumers have raised concerns that tickets they have purchased are provided with incorrect names, are fake, or not provided at all. Claims of hidden fees and charges are also common.

To date, Viagogo has refused to engage with the Queensland OFT and has made no attempt to resolve complaints from Queensland consumers.
Anthony Michael Gliddon 7 August 2017 The OFT is warning consumers to avoid dealing with Anthony Michael Gliddon, a Manly West motor dealer, after he was charged with 81 counts of fraud over the sale of written-off caravans.

The Queensland Police Service will allege Mr Gliddon purchased statutory write-off caravans in New South Wales, transported them to Queensland, and sold them to consumer without disclosing their previous history. Vehicles and caravans that are declared statutory write-offs can't ever be re-registered for road use or insured in Australia.

The OFT will pursue disciplinary action against Mr Gliddon, with a view to having his motor dealer licence revoked. 
  • Asbestos Audit Pty Ltd
  • Mark Dougal Rentoul

Note: Not to be confused with Asbestos Audits Queensland Pty Ltd

24 February 2017

Mark Rentoul is the sole director of Asbestos Audit Pty Ltd, who conducts asbestos testing for residential and commercial sites, including local councils. Testing is done by taking samples from buildings and sending them to an independent laboratory to confirm the presence of asbestos.

The OFT began investigating after receiving a complaint from a regional council alleging that Asbestos Audit Pty Ltd had invoiced it for testing a number of samples that had not actually been sent to a laboratory.

  • Mr Paul David Smith
  • Surfers City Autos

19 February 2014

We have investigated serious allegations that Mr Smith, while unlicensed, has:

  • misrepresented the history of the vehicles
  • misrepresented his association with Toyota and Holden has a mechanic
  • sold a vehicle to a consumer and held back details that the vehicle had previously been written-off.

Mr Smith was charged with several offences in August 2014 and sentenced in October 2016.

Itinerant traders

Itinerant traders are illegal door-to-door traders. Never do business with anyone you suspect may be an itinerant trader.

They try to convince you to hire their services on the spot and then perform incomplete or no work.

Common types of itinerant trading include:

  • bitumen laying
  • roof painting
  • general home maintenance
  • selling stereos or other electronics from the back of a van.

Genuine door-to-door traders must:

  • give you a cooling-off period of 10 business days to change your mind
  • not take any money during the cooling-off period
  • not begin any service during this time.

Find out more about rules door-to-door salespeople must follow.

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