Dozens of SEQ customers dirty after bond cleaner messes up

Landlords and tenants have been left fuming and hundreds of dollars out of pocket after a dodgy cleaning business failed to complete bond cleans, carpet cleaning and pest control on rental properties across South East Queensland.

Fair Trading Commissioner, Victoria Thomson, said 95 consumers had complained to the Office of Fair Trading about Australia Bond Cleaning Services, ABN 89 268 415 460, which operates across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

“I am advising the public to avoid using this organisation and its offshoots as they don’t do a proper clean, in fact they often leave properties in a worse state then when they arrived,” Ms Thomson said.

“This means another cleaner has to be found to complete the work, or the property owner or tenant has to do the cleaning. This results in extra time and expense, loss in part or all of the tenant’s bond money, or a loss of rent because the property isn’t fit for new tenants.

“Queensland consumers have reported losses of more than $44,000 as a result of this company.

“They have also repeatedly failed to deliver the carpet or pest services as promised. Importantly, this trader is not licenced to undertake pest control services, an activity that is regulated because of the use of pesticides which can be harmful to humans and pets.

“The business demands full payment before they start the clean and ask for more money for things that were not included in the quote.”

One consumer from Banyo who lodged a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading said they regretted hiring Australia Bond Cleaning Services as the house was left worse than when they started.

“The floors weren't touched, the garage wasn’t touched, the walls had new marks and the windows were badly streaked,” he said. “There was broken glass all through the house and they left the house keys outside the front door when they departed.”

“The worst part was the two giant stains on the carpet from something they spilt. Then there was the paper towel they attempted to flush down the toilet and clogged it.”

Another consumer from Karalee who asked the OFT for help said they booked a bond clean at their rental property and Australia Bond Cleaning Services increased the quote from $450 to $600 and said payment must be made before work commenced.

The consumer paid them but a few days later when the real estate agent inspected the property, they failed the bond clean. The consumer emailed the company with a list of items that needed rectification but eventually she had to book another company to do the bond clean at an extra cost of $670.

The Commissioner said if you are looking for a service that you don’t use regularly, ask your family and friends for recommendations.

“Your real estate agent may also have a list of bond cleaners they could recommend,” Ms Thomson said.

“If the cleaner is offering pest control services check the company is licensed to offer this. Look up online reviews about the business and be wary if you are being asked to pay for a service in full before they start the work.

“Moving home is extremely stressful so if you intend to hire a cleaner try to plan ahead as much as you can so you have time to do your research.”

Ms Thomson is warning consumers to avoid the following entities as they are taking payment for services and not providing them or not providing them as represented:

  • The Trustee for Australia Bond Cleaning Services Trust, ABN 89 268 415 460, trading as Australia Bond Cleaning Services and Mr Kuranesh (Caran) Kathuria
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Any consumers who have had unsatisfactory dealings with Australia Bond Cleaning Services can lodge a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading. They can do this online, from their website, or by calling 13 QGOV (13 74 68).