Re-entering the workforce

Getting back to work after a long absence can be daunting. You may feel your skills are out of date, you've lost touch with the industry, you're too old, or family now takes up too much of your time.

It can take time to find the right job, so be patient, consider your goals and limitations, and be flexible.

Part-time or casual work might be a way back into employment. It can give you:

  • new skills
  • extra income
  • a better chance of finding full-time work
  • an opportunity to build work relationships and network.

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Finding a job is often about contacts and networking. Many jobs aren't advertised, so be creative:

  • your old boss may offer flexible working arrangements for your return to work
  • former colleagues may be able to help you with contacts in the industry.

Training and study

You may need to upgrade your skills to get back into the workforce. Try:

Read more about the career benefits of adult and community education.

Your skills

The skills you've gained while away from work could help in your job search. All experiences, including family care, unpaid work, sport, or managing a household are valuable.

Volunteer work is another way to strengthen your skills or add new ones. It could also help you make new contacts.

Pay rates and your rights

Find out about your rights, entitlements and pay so you know what you're entitled to when applying for jobs.

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