Networking is about building long-term relationships and communicating with like-minded people in your industry. It's also about sharing knowledge and skills, and not always about what you can take away.

Benefits of networking

There are many benefits of networking, including:

  • improving current relationships and establishing new contacts (future clients or business partners)
  • sharing news and best-practice knowledge
  • improving your profile and reputation
  • accessing the latest industry news and opportunities
  • getting advice and support (e.g. help from mentors).

Networking tips

Networking is a skill that you can develop over the span of your working life. Read more about networking in business.

Search online or contact your industry association to:

  • find networking groups near you
  • subscribe to industry newsletters and networking invites.

Networking can also be done online through websites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Find networking events

Find events for your industry or occupation by:

  • contacting your industry association to find face-to-face networking events (including conferences and social events)
  • searching online for local conferences, workshops and networking events
  • searching social media websites for groups of like-minded industry professionals
  • talking to people you may know in the industry and asking them about events and workshops you may be able to attend.

Job expos

Attending a job or career expo is a great way to network and meet industry employers, education and training providers, government agencies and community groups.

Read about where you can find job expos.