Choosing a rental property

If you are thinking about renting, learn about tips and support available to help find the right place.

What sort of place do you need?

When choosing a rental property there are many things to consider, including:

  • How much rent can you afford?
  • Do you prefer a house, unit or a townhouse?
  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • Do you want to rent a room only, and share the place with other people?
  • Do you need a well-fenced yard where pets are allowed?
  • Do you want to look after a yard and mow a lawn?
  • Do you prefer to park your car on the street or in a garage?
  • Do you want a property to have gas, electricity or either?
  • Do you want to pay for water use?
  • Would you consider a moveable dwelling park and, if so, can you afford extra site costs?
  • Are the smoke alarms and safety switch working (this is required by Queensland law)?
  • Are the blinds or curtains in good condition?
  • Would traffic or other surrounding noise be an issue for you?
  • What types of locks on doors and windows do you require for your safety and contents insurance?
  • Are taps leaking or is the toilet running?
  • Is there a phone line (landline)?
  • Does your mobile phone have reception inside the property?
  • Is there a television antenna and TV reception?

Services and facilities nearby

The National Health Services Directory helps you find services in and around Queensland communities.

Check facilities and services available in areas where you may like to rent, including:

Searching for a place to rent

There are many ways to find a place to rent in the private market, including:

  • searching websites online
  • property listings in newspapers
  • contacting local real estate offices.

When you start looking, make a list of all properties you’re interested in and the real estate agent’s contact details. Use this list to keep track of the properties you have asked about, inspected or applied for.

Internet searches

There are many websites that allow you to search for rental properties including:

When searching look for:

  • properties in a specific suburb or area
  • different property types including units/apartments, houses and shared accommodation
  • the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garages at each property
  • properties in your price range.

Newspapers ads

You can find properties to rent in most Queensland newspapers in the ‘To Let’ or ‘Shared accommodation’ sections.

Real estate agent offices

  • Look for 'to let' or 'for rent' displays in the office windows of real estate agencies.
  • Look for 'to let' or 'for rent' signs outside properties in areas where you want to live.
  • Speak to your local real estate agent—leave your contact details with them so they can contact you if a suitable place becomes available.
  • Look on the noticeboards at TAFE colleges, universities, shopping centres, supermarkets, local shops and cafés for shared accommodation (university websites may be useful for shared accommodation).

You can also ask friends and family to let you know if they hear of something that might be suitable.

Cost of renting

Check the median (or average) rental price and suburb profiles for the areas you want to rent in.

Financial and housing assistance

Public and community housing is affordable rental housing offered to individuals and families on low incomes, especially those who are finding it hard to get a place to rent in the private market.

Community housing is housing delivered by registered providers (e.g. local governments, churches, community organisations).

You may be eligible for:

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