The RentConnect service helps Queenslanders find and apply for a place to rent.

This service may help you if you’re struggling to access the private rental market due to non-financial barriers, such as:

  • limited rental history
  • a lack of skills, knowledge or understanding of how the private rental market works
  • a lack of documents required for private rental applications.

RentConnect provides a range of information and practical assistance to help you overcome these barriers.

RentConnect Advisory Service

Housing Service Centre staff across Queensland can provide general advice and information on private rental and other housing assistance products. RentConnect is available in 18 Housing Service Centres.

Staff can provide one-on-one assistance and referrals for people who need more tailored information and advice to find and secure a home in the private rental market.

They can also help people strengthen their skills to maintain their private rental tenancy.

RentConnect officers will work out what help you may need, including helping you to:

  • find a home to rent
  • understand the rental application process
  • fill out rental application forms
  • contact local real estate agents.

To receive specialised, one-on-one assistance from RentConnect, you need to:

  • meet income eligibility requirements
  • be facing non-financial barriers to renting in the private market
  • be able to successfully manage a private rental tenancy.

Read the Tenancy Assistance transcript (DOCX, 19KB).

RentConnect Tenancy Assistance

RentConnect Tenancy Assistance helps capable tenants overcome short-term tenancy problems and strengthen their skills to maintain their private rental home.

Officers work one-on-one with private rental market tenants to help them maintain their existing tenancy.

They help eligible clients:

  • identify tenancy issues
  • develop tenancy plans
  • improve their ability to maintain their tenancy in the future.

To receive this assistance, you need to be a tenant who either:

  • is experiencing a short-term financial setback and needs assistance to overcome this hurdle
  • needs help to find more affordable housing.

Additionally, you must:

  • meet income eligibility requirements
  • live in the premises where tenancy assistance is required.

Templates for tenant references

Sometimes it can be difficult to move into private housing if you don't have references from previous landlords and housing providers.

To help with this, we've developed several templates that you can ask a landlord or provider to use to provide a reference when you leave a property.

Access the reference templates.

Where to find RentConnect

Make an appointment with a RentConnect officer via:

Read more information about renting in the private market.