Inspecting a rental property

You should always inspect a property before signing a general tenancy agreement with the lessor or agent to ensure it:

  • meets your needs
  • is clean
  • is in good condition.

The lessor or agent may take you to the property themselves or give you a key. Alternatively, you may be invited to inspect the property with other interested people at a specific time.

Key deposit

If you’re given a key, you may need to pay a key deposit and/or leave your licence at the real estate agency before you can take the key.

When you pay the deposit, you must sign a receipt and receive a copy of it.

The agent must refund the full deposit to you when you return the key, whether or not you’d like to rent the property.

What to look for

When you first inspect the property, find out the answers to these questions:

  • Does it have gas or electricity or both? (These can have different costs.)
  • Does it have working smoke alarms and a safety switch in the electricity meter box? (Smoke alarms and a safety switch are required by Queensland law.)
  • If there are blinds or curtains, are they in good condition?
  • Is the level of traffic, transport or other surrounding noise an issue?
  • Is the hot water system big enough for your household’s needs?
  • Are the locks on the doors and windows adequate for your safety and contents insurance?
  • Are taps leaking? Is the toilet running? Are any water-saving devices installed?
  • Is there a telephone line?
  • If you have a mobile only, does your phone get reception inside the property?
  • Is there a television antenna?
  • Are the fences and gates in good working order?
  • Do you have to look after the garden, mow lawns, etc.?
  • Are pets allowed?

When repairs are needed

Once you sign a tenancy agreement, it may be harder to ask the lessor to make repairs.

If the property needs repairs, ask the lessor or agent whether they’ll be done before you move in.

If they won’t, ask the lessor or agent for a written agreement that they’ll do the repairs after you move in.

If you do rent the property, note any repairs that the property needs when you complete the entry condition report.

What happens next

If you do wish to rent the property, you can submit an application. If you can bring a blank application form and your personal documents with you to the inspection, you can apply immediately to increase your chances of getting the property.

Find out what documents you need for your application.

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