Changes to your housing needs

Changes before you move in

If your application has been approved and you are listed on the housing register, you must tell us of any changes to your circumstances. Your eligibility and level of housing need will be reviewed regularly. It is important this information is kept up-to-date, including changes to:

  • your address—your application may be cancelled if we do not have your current address and cannot contact you
  • your name, for example if you marry, divorce or separate
  • your income
  • the number of people on your application, for example you have another child, you and your partner separate, you add or remove a household member from your application
  • advise you no longer require housing assistance
  • a household member's health, for example, if the household member cannot climb stairs or has a special housing need because of a medical condition or disability. A letter from your doctor explaining how the change in health affects your housing needs is required.

The department will update your records and reassess your eligibility for housing. We will send you a letter to advise whether you are still eligible.

Note: It is an offence under the Housing Act 2003 to knowingly provide false or misleading information that may influence decisions about your eligibility for housing services.

Changing the areas you want to live in

You can only change the area(s) you want to live in before you are offered housing. If you have shown a need to live in a specific area you will need to talk to your nearest Housing Service Centre about why you want to change this.

Changes after you have moved in

You must tell us of any of the following changes within 28 days of them happening. If you do not tell us, you may be penalised under the Housing Act 2003, or your State Tenancy Agreement.

Household changes:

  • a person joins your household
  • a person leaves your household
  • you have a baby
  • children's custody or access arrangements
  • a child returns from care
  • a foster child (or children) joins your household
  • you have a visitor(s) who stays longer than 4 weeks
  • you marry, divorce or separate
  • you change your name by marriage, start using your maiden name again or change your name through another process, for example by deed poll
  • someone regularly stays with you for 4 or more nights per week
  • someone in your household dies.

Income changes:

  • someone in the household reduces their income
  • someone in the household increases their income
  • a visitor stays longer than 4 weeks—evidence of their income must be provided to the department to re-assess your rent
  • you become eligible for a different or new payment from Centrelink
  • you become eligible for additional payments from Centrelink.

Changes in your circumstances, you:

  • want to end your tenancy
  • will be away from your property for more than 8 weeks—you will need to seek approval if you plan to be away from your home for more than 8 weeks
  • are having a caretaker stay in your property if you are away for more than 8 weeks—anyone who moves into your home while you are away will be added to the household and your rent reassessed accordingly.
  • wish to transfer to another property
  • need different housing because your present property no longer suits your needs, for example—you cannot climb stairs, or the property is too big to look after.

Other changes include:

  • damage has been caused to your property through burglary, vandalism, accident, fire, storm or flood
  • your property requires urgent maintenance
  • your property requires routine maintenance. 

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