Guide to applying for housing assistance

We provide a range of housing products and services to help Queenslanders find and keep safe, secure and affordable housing, whether it’s in the private rental market, home-ownership or in social housing. In Queensland, social housing refers to both public housing and community housing.

We will work with you to help you understand the housing help and support you may be eligible for and how to apply.

We understand that unexpected events, such as experiencing domestic and family violence or family breakdown, serious illness or a death within the family, or loss of employment or increased rents in the private market can affect the safety or stability of your home.

Your safety comes first. If you are not safe at home, or you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, we will prioritise giving you the information and help you need to support you into safe accommodation.

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Guide to applying for housing assistance

In this guide:

  1. Understanding your need
  2. Housing assistance options
  3. Check your eligibility
  4. How to apply
  5. After you apply

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