Apply for housing

How to apply for housing

Social housing is available to vulnerable Queenslanders who are assessed as having the greatest need.

You can apply for social housing in various ways:

You can check your eligibility before you apply.

You must list 6 locations where you’d like to live and you may be offered a home in any of these locations.

You can list fewer than 6 locations if you:

  • have a need to live in a particular location
  • are applying for a property in a regional or remote area.

At the interview

During the interview, we assess:

  • whether you’re eligible for housing assistance
  • your level of housing need
  • where you want to live and how many bedrooms you’re entitled to
  • any special housing needs you or your household members may have.

Note: It is an offence under the Housing Act 2003 to knowingly provide false or misleading information that may influence decisions about your eligibility for housing services.

If you’re eligible for housing

If you’re assessed as eligible for housing assistance, we add you to the housing register according to:

  • your level of housing need
  • your preferred locations
  • the type of housing (e.g. apartment, house) and number of bedrooms you're eligible for.

You are automatically listed for both public and community housing when you register for social housing.

This gives you more housing options and could reduce the amount of time you wait for a home.

Note: If you’re already listed on the housing register, we update your application for both public housing and community housing in your preferred areas. You don’t need to do anything and no other changes will be made to your application.

Review of your eligibility

We contact you regularly to review your eligibility and housing need. Contact your nearest Housing Service Centre if:

  • your household, income or assets change
  • you need to change where you want to live
  • you don’t want to be listed for housing anymore.

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