Housing help after a disaster

If you have had to leave your home because of a natural disaster, we can help.

Finding temporary accommodation

If you need help finding temporary accommodation:

Visit the Rental Recovery Hub in Townsville

Rental advice and support is available for renters, owners and managers of rental properties affected by the North Queensland floods.

The Rental Recovery Hub provides help with:

  • rental properties
  • tenancy arrangements
  • finding short to medium term rental accommodation
  • property repairs and management
  • rights and responsibilities
  • resolving disputes.

Where to find us:

Call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) for more information.

Representatives from Tenants Queensland, Residential Tenancies Authority and the Department of Housing and Public Works will help you to find accommodation, preserve tenancies and get homes back on line as soon as possible.

Applying for financial assistance

Mortgage relief loans are interest-free loans of up to $20,000. These can help you meet your home loan repayments while dealing with an unexpected change in circumstances, such as the costs associated with storm damage.

If you need to move into private rental accommodation and need help paying the rental bond, you may be eligible for a bond loan. This is an interest-free loan to a maximum value of 4 weeks’ rent for the accommodation.

A rental grant can help you meet the costs of moving into private rental accommodation if you are experiencing a crisis. If you are eligible, the rental grant is equivalent to 2 weeks rent and is paid directly to the landlord or agent.

Other types of financial assistance and grants may be available after a disaster.

Repairing your home

Search the North QLD Flood Register for available QBCC licensed contractors to help with repairs.

If you are over 60 years of age or have a disability, Home Assist Secure can provide subsidised assistance for minor repairs, maintenance and modifications related to health, safety and security.

More advice for cleaning up after a disaster:

Help with housing

RentConnect officers can help you:

  • prepare an application and apply for private rental properties
  • find suitable properties
  • make referrals
  • help you sustain a tenancy in the private market.

Social housing is affordable rental housing for families and individuals with a high level of housing need that can’t be met by housing in the private market. Contact your nearest Housing Service Centre to apply for housing assistance. Demand for social housing is always high when a disaster has been declared and we may not be able to provide housing immediately.