Daily living and mobility aids

Daily living and mobility aids help people to perform tasks they may find difficult, by increasing ease and safety and promoting independence.

Under the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS), subsidies are available for daily living and mobility aids including:

  • wheeled walking aids
  • manual and powers wheelchairs
  • tilt in space manual wheelchairs 
  • bathing and toileting aids
  • hoists and slings
  • pressure redistribution cushion, mattress or overlay
  • positioning sleep system.


To apply for assistance under MASS, you must:

  • be a permanent resident of Queensland
  • have a permanent/stable condition or disability
  • hold a pensioner concession card, health care card or Queensland Government Seniors Card.

You need to be assessed by one of the following clinicians:

  • occupational therapist
  • physiotherapist 
  • rehabilitation engineer.

If you don’t have access to a clinician, contact MASS to find out who you can see for assessment.

Subsidy amounts and criteria

The application guidelines for each type of aid explain what funding is available and the criteria you have to meet.

Mobility Aids Application Guidelines (PDF, 381 KB):

  • wheeled walking aids
  • manual wheelchair
  • power wheelchairs
  • tilt in space manual wheelchairs 
  • pressure redistribution cushion

Bathing and Toileting Aids Application Guidelines (PDF, 346 KB):

  • non-standard bathboard
  • static or 3-in-1 commode
  • bath transfer bench
  • swivel bath seat

Hoists and Slings Application Guidelines (PDF, 346 KB):

  • hoist
  • sling

Pressure Redistribution Mattress/Overlay or Positioning Sleep System Application Guideline (PDF, 343KB):

  • pressure redistribution mattress/overlays
  • positioning sleep systems

How to apply

Your clinician will work with you to review your needs and assist you in choosing the most appropriate aid. They will arrange trials of the aid so you can try it first, to see if it suits your needs.

Once you have chosen the aid, your clinician will help you complete the application forms.

For all applications, complete the MASS 84 Proxy Access to Centrelink Information Form (PDF, 174 KB) or include a copy of both sides of you concession card.

Complete Part A of the Wheeled Walking Aid Short Application Form (PDF, 612 KB) to apply for an adult wheeled walking aid.

Complete Part A of the Short application form (PDF, 810 KB) to apply for a:

  • static or 3-in-1 commode
  • non-standard bath board
  • bath transfer bench
  • swivel bath seat.

For all other aids, complete Part A of the MASS 20 Daily Living Aids and Mobility Equipment Application Form (PDF, 744 KB).

Your clinician will complete the clinical assessment, attach any supporting evidence and submit your completed application to MASS.

More information

Contact MASS if you have any questions about applying for mobility aids.

Find out how to care for your aid.