Artificial limbs

The Queensland Artificial Limb Service (QALS) provides funding support for eligible people to access artificial limbs (prosthesis). These are available for a wide range of artificial limbs and supplied through a prosthetic service provider (PSP). 


To access funding for an artificial limb you must be:

  • registered with QALS
  • listed on a current and active Australian Medicare Card
  • a permanent Queensland resident
  • safe to use a prosthetic limb.

QALS will decide eligibility of any clients from another state or from overseas. Contact QALS for more details about the clinical assessment criteria.

Subsidy amounts and criteria

In general, QALS will provide funding support for one artificial limb per amputation, which should last for 3 years. Consumable items such as stump socks and cosmetic gloves are also funded, however annual limits apply.

How to apply

You need to contact QALS, and a staff member will help you to complete the application form to register. Once you are registered, arrange a clinical assessment by a local amputee clinic. They will forward the results to QALS, who will assess your application.

Receiving your artificial limb

When you have confirmation of funding from QALS, make an appointment with your local PSP to make your artificial limb, and attend extra appointments for casting, fitting, and final adjustments. When the artificial limb is ready, you trial it as needed. When the trial ends, return to your PSP to have the cosmetic cover fitted.

QALS will send you the Client Service Evaluation form. If you are happy with the fit of your new prosthesis, complete the form and return it to QALS.

Repair of artificial limb

QALS will fund reasonable repairs to a currently registered prosthesis. You need to keep the prosthesis and its accessories clean. They should last for at least 3 years. 

More information

Contact QALS for more information about applying for an artificial limb.

 Talk to one of the voluntary amputee associations in Queensland.