Stock routes

Stock Route Management System (SRMS)

Note: Access to the online Stock Route Management System (SRMS) is only available to local government. The system is not available to the public.

SRMS provides access to a map-based electronic system for local governments to:

  • create stock route travel permits
  • create grazing (agistment) permits
  • create water agreements
  • calculate fees.

The system stores all entered data and relevant information including:

  • travel route
  • contact details
  • stock details
  • fees.

The water agreement component also stores billing information so that periodic reports for annual billing schedules may be generated.

Access the SRMS

Local governments can access the SRMS online.

Training in a test version

For training purposes, local government access is available to a test version of the SRMS.
Note: Any permits created in the test system will not be saved.

Remittance forms

The forms below are for local government to remit with their payments.

In this guide:

  1. About the Queensland stock route network
  2. Stock route management
  3. Stock route travel permits
  4. Grazing (agistment) permits for travelling stock
  5. Review of local government decisions
  6. Stock route water facility agreements
  7. Stock Route Management System (SRMS)

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