Stock routes

The Queensland stock route network is mainly used for moving stock, pasture for emergency agistment and long-term grazing.

The stock route network is also valued for comprising native flora and fauna and remnant vegetation and Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultural heritage. Stock routes also contain major infrastructure for the transport of water, power and for communication.

To use the stock route network, you need permits for:

  • travelling stock on foot
  • grazing (agistment) of stock
  • using water facilities.

Stock routes include 72,000km of roads, reserves, and corridors on pastoral leases and unallocated state land. Together with dedicated reserves for travelling stock, they make up the 2.6 million hectare Queensland stock route network.

This guide explains the permits you need to use the stock route.

Stock routes

In this guide:

  1. About the Queensland stock route network
  2. Stock route travel permits
  3. Grazing (agistment) permits for travelling stock
  4. Review of local government decisions
  5. Stock route water facility agreements
  6. Stock Route Management System (SRMS)

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